PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #147 – Ant-Man and the Last of the DCU

pop a la carte 147 ant-man
 Valerie, Richard, and Tatiana go over James Gunn’s DCU plan in this week’s podcast and their thoughts on every project from Superman: Legacy (1:00) to Swamp Thing (38:00) before sprinkling in MCU news like delay for The Marvels (48:45) and Phase 5 plans. Then, they discuss HBO’s scandals with The Idol (54:00).
Naturally, that takes the discussion to the shining jewel in Warner Discovery’s crown at the moment: The Last of Us (1:01:30). After that, other shows like The Mandalorian (1:08:30), Crash Course in Romance, Yellowjackets, Lockwood & Co. (1:22:00), Endeavor, and Poker Face get their moment to shine.
Finally, the trio breaks down their takes on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (1:37:45) and try to rank the Phase 4 films of the MCU.
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