Indie Spotlight: 5 Fantasy Reads You Might’ve Missed

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It’s almost impossible to keep up with the flood of new book releases each week, and it feels like sometimes indie books miss out on the spotlight they deserve among the growing sea of traditionally published novels.

Independent authors–whether through self-publishing or indie publishers–have a lot of incredible, captivating stories to tell, and if you haven’t yet picked up a book from an indie author, you’re likely missing out on some enjoyable, unique storytelling.

Below, we’ve picked out five different fantasy books for you to discover, some of which are fairly new releases.

Elemental (Shadows of the Otherside Book #1)

Whitney Hill 

A tale of forbidden magic in the dangerous, exciting fantasy world of Otherside. PI Arden Finch dodges a bounty on powerful magic users like her while working a case with an elf that could shatter the delicate peace between supernatural species. 






The Owl’s Crown (The Owl King Archives Book #1)

L.B. Black 

A witchy paranormal romance with ancient magic and an apocalyptic evil. Witch Evie and mortician (and vampire!) Lawrence are drawn together by mysterious forces to stop an elemental evil that could doom the world. 






The Marked Princess (The Shendri Series Book #1)

E.P. Stavs

An enchanting fairytale fantasy with a fierce warrior princess. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, crown princess Josselyn flees a plot to overthrow her kingdom and discovers her own powerful celestial magic that could help to save it. 






Howl (The Cape Luna Novels)

Chelsea Callahan 

A steamy paranormal romance that features an atmospheric coastal setting. Back in her ancestral home for her beloved grandmother’s funeral, werewolf Evie reunites with her childhood bully while they work to untangle pack drama and the suspicious circumstances surrounding her grandmother’s death. 






Wish Out of Water (Hooked Book #1)

Holley Trent 

A captivating mermaid fantasy romance with reluctant royals and plenty of snark. After saving the life of Cooper, prince of a Scandinavian island nation, mermaid Brook enters into a marriage of convenience that only gets more complicated as real feelings blossom and stunning family secrets are brought to light.






These are just a few of the endless indie fiction offerings out there, so we encourage you to have a look around yourself, find which genres you like, and take a chance on a new indie author who might’ve written your new favorite book!