REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 2.10: “Revolution – Part 1”


“Hey Caramilla!” (Even in a battle you’re still precious.)

And just like that, Switches, it’s the season two finale of Motherland: Fort Salem. Given not only how the last episode ended and the shock-filled finale that was last season’s, I just knew we were in for one hell of ride. I just wasn’t expecting the show to be completely turned over on its head with what we know of the army, Bellweather unit, etc. But knowing how this show works, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Let’s take back our base.”: This time last season, the Spree was our main enemy and the Camarilla was just starting to come back into our witches’ lives. Now you could say the exact opposite’s changed. It’s all witches working together to stop the Camarilla. Seeing how the witch plague is taking over the army base, there really isn’t any room to argue. We see a perfect example of that when Petra allows Nicte to fight alongside her. I’m sure I’ll bring up my thoughts and opinions on Nicte shortly, but if I could wish for anything to happen in the newly announced (and sadly final) season three, it’s that we see more of Nicte and a deep dive into why she is the way she is. We saw this with Scylla this season, so now it’s Nicte’s turn.

In regards to the witch plague invading War College/the army base, it was hard to see so much death and destruction, given our current climate with covid. But that aside, it was also great to see everyone working together to put a stop to it. Everyone from minor characters that we really should have seen more of (M and Gregorio) to Petra and Nicte, as previously mentioned. What wasn’t nice to see was just what the source of the witch plague turned out to be: Penelope Silver, lovable new witch and Tally’s mentee. While we don’t know exactly how she became the source of the witch plague release, we do know the Camarilla were of course responsible. But in pure finale fashion, it’s revealed that Penelope’s father, Blanton Silver, is working with the Camarilla. It’s obvious that he didn’t want his daughter dead as the outcome of all of this, but what did he think would happen? While we despise the Camarilla, I’d be interested to see Blanton’s side of things in season three as well. Also, I definitely need to rewatch season two because I did not pick up on that scene with Penelope and the Camarilla doctor! Did anyone else pick up on that scene?


“I’m so glad you’re safe.”

“Goodbye, Mother”: I couldn’t write this review without mentioning Sarah Alder. Former General Alder, who has been with and created the Army from the very beginning, did not survive the Witch Plague attack. From losing her biddies, thus rendering her to her original human form, the Bellweather unit and Anacostia end up having to say their goodbyes as Alder goes home to “mother” (the mycellium essentially). While for me personally, the death of Alder wasn’t that sad or shocking, the goodbyes did it to me. Each witch explaining what they learned from her? And especially Anacostia’s ‘mother’ mention? Tears! I know we all have our opinions on Alder, we love to hate her, understand where she’s coming from, etc. But at the end of the day, she’s kind of the glue of the Army and basically created a home for witches everywhere. With Alder gone will it run as smoothly? We’ve already seen some hiccups in how Petra Bellweather is running things. But seeing how the last shot of the episode was Alder healing in a way from the mycellium, will we see her ultimately return? I will admit, the main reason why I wasn’t saddened by her passing was because this season Lyne Renee was promoted to series regular, so why remove her from the show now? I also have the theory that she’ll work closely with Raelle because of her own connection with the mycellium. I guess only season three will tell.

Witches on the Run: By the end of the episode, it’s almost like we’re watching a completely different show. Alder is gone, the Spree is working alongside the witches to fight the Camarilla, and the Bellweather unit and co are running away? Thanks to Petra’s work, with a little bit of Spree shifting (hello prison van turned retirement vehicle), they’re away from the government and could officially be defined as Dodgers now. So we’re left wondering “what’s next?” With our witches on the run, the possibilities are kind of endless in a way. As they mention in the after show episode below, we can finally see more of the show’s America and how this change in government/witch power is changing and what that means for everyone. But with that said, I’m curious what that means for the witches still at Fort Salem. And since Petra helped the witches escape, will we see repercussions on her or Anacostia’s end?

Overall, I thought Motherland: Fort Salem delivered an amazing finale once again and I can’t wait to see what season three has in store.

What were your thoughts on the season two Motherland: Fort Salem finale episode?

The last “After the Storm” episode can be seen below in addition to the season three teaser announcement that was released earlier this week as well!

Until season three, Switches! Now let’s go back and rewatch the last two seasons to pick up on the many hints and foreshadowing while we wait for more episodes!