REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 2.09: “Mother of All, Mother of None”


Salt to the wound is an understatement for Alder this episode

In the second to last episode of the season, we’re down to the wire when it comes to our witches. And with Nicte in the army’s custody, the end of the Spree’s harm is in sight. But what was Nicte’s plan all this time? And were her intentions far better or worse than General Alder’s?

“My life for hers”: If you were confused by the true events of both Alder’s and Nicte’s situations all this time, this episode will make you slightly less confused. While I was personally hoping this episode was going to serve as a giant flashback episode to see the “villain” origin story for Nicte Batan, creator of the Spree – it basically just served as “everyone is morally gray!” Or “every one witch is better than the Camarilla!” While true for both, I was just hoping for a clearer understanding of Nicte’s actions in the Spree. We know the tumultuous relationship/betrayal with Alder, but where are the scenes of her in the early Spree days, Willa joining the group, etc.? I think what I’ve realized about Motherland: Fort Salem is that there is so much history and lore surrounding the series that I feel like there’s always going to be so much tell in such little time. Maybe that’s why the After Show episodes were created, because they explain so much that the episodes can’t. Anyone else feel this way about the series?


Kelly knows what Kelly means!

Anyway, while the majority of the characters spend the episode being surprised by the announcement that Alder is stepping down (forcefully by President Kelly and the Army), it’s Tally that just wants the truth out there – as a true Hufflepuff would. So much so, that she enacts the mother tongue spoken “Rite of Proxy” for witches that means that instead of say Alder killing Nicte – she kills her. Of course this fight to the death doesn’t end in well…death. But Talder fans – you got a fight scene! The scene ends with everyone using the “Rite of Proxy” for Tally’s sake and while very sweet (with a hint of cheese), I think I was just so focused on wanting to know more ins-and-outs of the Spree to be shocked? Did anyone else feel this way? For instance, when Tally questions Nicte earlier in the episode a reference of killing a civilian for every witch killed in the army. This is interesting, tell me more!

“Violence is not the way.” “Sometimes it’s the only way.”: While very minimal this episode, still very much packing a punch are Adil’s and Abigail’s respective story lines. Adil, who is very much “pro-violence” now after killing Camarilla members/the headquarters – all against his sister’s witches. I think I’m just so interested to see this recent character change with Adil. How will this affect him come the eventual third season?

And then there’s Abigail, who wants nothing more than to get out of War College classes and take down the Camarilla. Newly elected general Petra Bellweather is apparently allowing her to do just that. Similar to Adil, I’m curious how this will affect Abigail come season two.

“She gave me this gift. And I’m not gonna let anybody tell me how to use it.”: It’s time to talk about yet another heartbreaking Raelle episode. She’s away from the Camarilla, Nicte is captured, and Scylla is safe and sound. Ask and I shall receive a Scylla and Mr. Collar scene I guess, am I right!? I was beaming when I saw those two in the diner together!

And lastly, an honorable mention for this week goes to Anacostia for being her adorable and amazing self! From congratulating the Bellweather unit on the Nicte capture, getting promoted, and is that a love interest I saw? I’m so glad we got more of her this episode! “If you’re part of my little girl’s life, you’re part of mine too.” It’s fine, I’m fine! Anyway, Raelle thinks to a degree, her mycellium abilities are briefly under control. And while that basically is true come the end of the episode, we finally learn the true meaning behind the mycellium and it’s so meaningful.

The mycellium’s abilities came to be from the combined grief of all of the wrongly killed witches before her, Raelle’s Mom being one of them. Knowing that her Mom will essentially always be with her makes both her and myself ridiculously happy. Granted, do I think this will mean Raelle and Willa will have a continued developing relationship on the show? Not really? (i.e., do I think her Mom will continue to be on the show? Goddess I hope so, but I doubt it). I am very curious to see how the reasoning behind the mycellium will allow Raelle to use them more frequently and with her control? Can she harness previous witches’ powers? Can she speak with other dead witches? Again, I need answers! After the season, I would love to rewatch the first season, when Raelle first made contact with the mycellium. Was there a particular late witch that reached out to Raelle (seeing how her Mom was very much alive then?)?

What were your thoughts on this week’s Motherland: Fort Salem episode?

This is it! The second season finale, “Revaluation – Part 1” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on Freeform.

The trailer as well as this week’s “After the Storm” can be viewed below.

With a promo like that, not to mention how jam packed the first season finale was, we’re going to be in for a wild and most likely heart breaking ride. If we’re getting a main character death (especially Scylla!), I swear to goddess!