REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 2.06: “My 3 Dads”


“Make your mark. Not your mother’s. Not mine. Not Jem’s.”

It’s a break from War College for our Bellweather unit. But that doesn’t mean the work of being witches takes a break. From continued handfasting tradition (thanks Abigail’s 3 Dads) and the continued efforts from the Camarilla to destroy all witches, this break for our witches is looking like quite the opposite.

“I think Nicte created the Spree”: Yes, I know I picked a very spoilery quote this time around, but excuse me for being excited that one of my theories about Nicte came true?! But more on her later!

For Tally and Raelle it starts out as quite the perfect break! Tally gets to meet Raelle’s father and the two bond over being in similar situations (Tally tells the time of seeing a man in their all-woman community while Raelle’s father was the only man when Willa gave birth to Raelle). The whole thing goes so well and cozy that it really strikes me as a “meet the parents” situation for Raelle and Tally (Rally shippers, this episode is for you!).
I think the reason why I loved this episode so much is because we get to see where Raelle (and Abigail) grew up. Where she learned her unique healing powers from, thanks to Willa’s friend, Quinn. And we really get a sense of just how deeply she has always looked up to and cared about her “late” Mom. Hearing Raelle tell her father that her Mom never showed up in the candlelight tradition I’m sure had everyone teary eyed. But if you got teary eyed at that, the ending probably destroyed you.

“That fire in your eyes. Follow it to the ends of the earth, Abigail”: If you’ve ever wanted to know more about handfasting and what it takes to be paired up with a match (or matches), look no further than Abigail’s time on break! What she’s using as a time to track down where Charval’s vocal chords are found, ends up being a “meet the Dads” situation with Adil and several other possible suitors. The whole thing is awkward and still weird to me. If people don’t want to handfast, don’t let them! Fortunately, Abigail eventually gets told amazing advice from her grandmother, Minerva: that she should follow her path, whatever that may be. It did also put into perspective the upbringing that Petra went through as well and why she’s so hard on Abigail. What were your thoughts on the handfasting traditions and do you think Abigail will eventually go through with it? Or will she stand up for her relationship with Adil?


“Time to hunt.”

“If we must burn this evil from the earth. So be it”: As mentioned earlier in the review, Tally suspects that Nicte created the Spree, and we see some examples of that. I originally thought what was shown in the beginning of the episode was a flashback, but it would appear that just Nicte and Willa have two very different ways of handling the Spree. Or Nicte’s entire tactics are rooted in getting revenge on Alder. Seeing how her vocal chords are literally fried and she would be killed three times over if it wasn’t for her Biddies, I’m going to go with yes.

It was great to see Scylla and Willa tag team to track down the Camarilla’s headquarters. And actually just see Willa outside Spree headquarters for a chance. To be honest, I’ve been very disappointed in how much screen-time Willa has had throughout this season. I would of sworn she would be more of this fearful leader of the Spree, instead of having Scylla do most of the work? But I’m hopeful that with Raelle captured by the Camarilla that it’s her ex-girlfriend and not-so-dead mother to the rescue! Oh goddess I hope so!

What were your thoughts on this week’s Motherland: Fort Salem episode?

The next new episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, 2.07: “Irrevocable” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on Freeform.

The trailer as well as this week’s “After the Storm” can be viewed below.