REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 2.03: “A Tiffany”


Raelle is me questioning the mycellium, Camarilla, and now hand fasting on the weekly.

After watching this week’s episode of Motherland: Fort Salemit’s very evident that the writers have started to introduce the reoccurring storylines for this season. And now it’s a matter of taking those new story-lines and letting them run wild. Hopefully in the sense of the mycellium and not the Camarilla.

“We’re in this together right?”: So we have our dream time of an unlikely duo, Anacostia and Scylla. I mean, if you think about it, given their unique bond that was developed by the end of season 1, they’re not that unlikely of a duo, but you get it. Both are trying to gain more insight on the Camarilla and simultaneously take them down. Since the Vice President’s daughter, Penelope, has been discovered as a witch, tests are now being done on humans girls to see if they are also witches. Of course the Camarilla are keeping a close eye on that, so as not to have anyone they know *gasp* have witch DNA.

Scylla and Anacostia definitely tried to intervene to their best ability on the inside, but ultimately their cover was blown by one Camarilla member. That aside, I’m really curious to see what the Camarilla is trying to plan in regards to these tests. Please don’t harm children! But seeing the promo for next week, we unfortunately just might see what they have in store for the witches. (I will say: very nice use of wearing masks though in the show and not have it be related to covid.)


“I hate that we’re on separate tracks now.”

“I’m not interested in handfasting. Or men.”: Okay, let’s mention the big and semi-new ritual in the room: handfasting. I say semi, because last season we saw a glimpse of what it’s like for witches to marry, but now we’re seeing the bigger picture of what’s entailed for it through the Bellweather unit’s eyes. My opinion on it? I absolutely hate it, and it kind of ruins all the joy it would be to be a witch. Instead of marrying for love, you’re marrying someone that would allow you to continue to uphold/obtain a powerful witch line. I understand that aspect of it, to keep witches alive and thriving for the army, etc. But to allow to have this stigma against people like Tally who grew up in matriarchal communes or Raelle who not only is gay but an “outcross” (her Mom slept with a human) just rubs me the wrong way. The showrunner Eliot Laurence explains in the After the Storm segment, that no one is forced to handfast. But it’s strongly encouraged, including for LGBTQ+ people. It probably doesn’t help that the woman in charge isn’t the nicest to say the least? I don’t know, what does everyone else think of this? Given that an upcoming episode is titled “My 3 Dads,” I’m sure we’ll learn more about the handfasting process throughout the season. Perhaps an older generation’s like Petra’s?


Hail Abigail, the weather worker!

“I’m more than just traits.”: This last segment of the review should really just be called “Poor Abigail.” As we all know, our girls are learning more (or basically have gained) new skills. Tally with her Knowing skills and post-Biddy ways. Raelle with her tag team abilities from the mycellium. Where exactly does that fit Abigail? She appears to be a great weather worker, but will she stand out compared to her ancestors? She would like to think so? The episode ends with Abigail practically risking her life to show everyone that she can recreate the ultimate storm that her ancestor, Jem Bellweather, created. The results nearly end her and we’re left wondering what the aftermath will look like for her. I feel for Abigail, I really do, especially since we’ve known her to come from this prestigious family. So there’s a lot of weight on her shoulders.

While I love each girl individually (I think Anacostia’s my favorite throughout the cast next to Raelle), I think Abigail is the one I’m most curious to see shine in War College and/or see what her abilities are.

What were your thoughts on this week’s Motherland: Fort Salem episode

The next new episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, 2.04: “Not Our Daughters” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on Freeform.

The trailer as well as this week’s “After the Storm” can be viewed below.