REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 2.01: “Of the Blood”


Can we trust the Spree this time around?

It’s the moment you’ve finally been waiting for – Motherland: Fort Salem has returned! If this season is anything like last season, we’re in for one hell of a ride. This episode did not disappoint in terms of answering our most pressing questions from the season one finale, and of course setting up this season for even more questions to occur. There’s new witches, new return of an old enemy, and even a new (and not old) Tally?

“These people intend to end us all.”: When we last left off on the show, Scylla returns to Spree headquarters only to find that the Spree leader is…Raelle’s Mom, Willa. So naturally I thought it best to pick up these reviews from there. Scylla has even more questions than we do, especially like “hey, why did you not tell me Raelle was your daughter?” (Awkward). But it’s not all “I dated your daughter” talk, although that actually never got mentioned. The Camarilla is the main forefront for the Spree. The pair attend even attend what looks to be a Camarilla outing to gain more insight. While I’m very interested to see this eventual combined forces effort between the Army and the Spree, I think I would love to see more of a historical standpoint of the Spree and the Army’s difference. How was the Spree formed? Given that we saw various leaders attacked from the Camarilla’s deadly plague, we know there are/were other members around the world, similar to the Army. This is something I hope we learn more as the season continues.


What connection will Alder, Tally, and the Biddies hold?

“This young woman is of the blood.”: Now where the show actually picks up is with Penelope (Mellany Barros). She’s a human, who isn’t exactly human. She’s a witch and boy does she find out in a jarring way. There she is singing in her church’s choir, and the next thing she knows she’s melting the windows stained glass. With her father being the Vice President of the United States, of course footage of the incident goes viral. While the audience’s main concern was not being the victim of a Spree attack (which is further explained in this week’s “After the Storm” episode, shown below), Vice President Blanton Silver, wants to know how his daughter can be a witch. It was a classic case of no one in the family knowing his wife was a witch, not even herself. So after some tests at the Army, it’s confirmed, she’s 100% witch and just as confused. Now it’s to the Army she goes. I’m very curious to see what this season has in store for her. Penelope is incredibly new to being a witch. While in the show, every witch’s duty is to serve in the army, but what if she’s pulled in the Spree’s direction? And would would I kind of be okay with that? I just want to know more about the Spree and gain better insight on them!


It’s not a Biddy’s life for Tally after all! Or is it?

Tally and Alder – Soulmates?: I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning Tally and Alder. Just writing that header alone was hard. As we know, Tally became a Biddy in the season finale, in order to save Alder’s life. What we didn’t expect (like really) is that the two would then share an incredibly intimate connection and basically become soulmates? How did we get here? Fortunately for everyone, Tally is no longer a Biddy! The unbiddying process was completed since Tally’s situation was incredibly rare, but at what cost? Last we left her, she’s having incredibly scary dreams of an Alder flashback that just might affect her real life.

Now, if you asked me after watching the episode, “do you think a potential Tally and Alder relationship will form?” I would say absolutely not. And actually I am not interested in seeing it occur at all! But after viewing a lot of press related interviews from the actors, tonight’s “After the Storm,” and several posts from the show’s social media, it’s almost like they’re forcing us to ship them. Maybe in a maternal figure standpoint, but that’s all, writers! What are your opinion on Tally and Alder’s connection? Love it, hate it? Jessica Sutton did say in a press interview today that Tally will not have any romance this season, but will have intimate dreams. So my theory is that Tally is connected to a previous life of Alder’s where she had a romantic partner. Hopefully, we see this storyline explored soon, so I don’t have to keep thinking about this. In the mean time, it’s War College time, witches!

What were your thoughts on the season 2 premiere of Motherland: Fort Salem

The next new episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, 2.02: “Abomination” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on Freeform.

The trailer as well as this week’s “After the Storm” can be viewed below.