In Motherland: Fort Salem’s Season 2 Trailer, Witches Face a New Threat

Ever since the season one finale of Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem, we’ve been waiting for any new information on the next season. Well, Freeform answered our call and unveiled the full trailer for season two – and it’s a lot.

A recap of sorts is shown, as is definitely needed given both the time since season one and how much happened in just the finale. The talk of Tally’s sacrifice is obviously mentioned, seeing how she’s now a Biddy. “This is my way to serve,” says Tally. (In seeing the promo photos for season 2, was anyone surprised to see Tally (Jessica Sutton) appear younger and not as a Biddy? This writer can’t help but wonder if that means she might not be a Biddy forever. Or if it’s just for lack of spoilers?) The main conflict that appears to be surrounding our witches is the fact that they’re being attached against their ancient enemy. This is bound to cause a lot of havoc and even some alliance among the soldiers and Spree.

Per Freeform, the official season 2 synopsis is as follows:

Raelle, Tally and Abigail confront higher stakes, dangerous magic and a new threat from an ancient group of witch hunters, The Camarilla. In the first season, we saw our trio of young witches follow in the footsteps of their foremothers, defending the nation from The Spree as part of the United States Army. Their training is intensified when they are promoted to attend War College, where their magic, relationships and beliefs will be pushed to the limits. While General Alder seeks out new witches to join the wars to come, The Spree and the Army learn their fight may no longer be with one another. But how can two enemies work together to thwart a hatred that won’t stop until all witches are exterminated?

The full trailer can be viewed below.

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season?

Motherland: Fort Salem season 2 premieres Tuesday June 22nd at 10/9c on Freeform.