PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #126 – A Supernatural Farewell

pop a la carte 126 supernatural

Friends, Romans, television watchers; lend me your ears. We come to bury Supernatural, not to praise it.

Valerie, Tatiana, Angela and Camille join forces to expression confusion over the Chaos Walking trailer (0:30), as well as the continued existence of the Fantastic Beasts franchise (4:40) – though no one’s mad the movies are upgrading to Mads Mikkelsen. Final point of confusion: Wonder Woman coming to HBO Max & theaters near you nearly simultaneously (13:40).

Then it’s review central: the underwhelming Supernatural season finale and the show’s mistreatment of Castiel (23:00), The Mandalorian Season 2 thus far (55:50), The Crown Season 4 (1:04:00) as a whole, and finally the first few episodes of His Dark Materials Season 2 (1:28:00).

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