WATCH: Enola Holmes blooper reel

Enola Holmes bloopersIf you enjoyed the adventures of Enola Holmes on Netflix, you might get a kick out of watching the cast’s misadventures in the newly released blooper reel.

It’s always a lot of fun to see the buttoned-up or corseted characters in period films cracking up in behind-the-scenes footage. There’s a certain hilarious disconnect between the seriousness of the setting and the shenanigans that can ensue in the chaos of filming. And it looks like everyone on the set of Enola Holmes was having a ball of a time doing the film.

Among the highlights of the hilarious blooper reel are:

  • Millie Bobby Brown can’t seem to stop flossing in between takes. It’s gets funnier and funnier depending on how elaborate her costume is.
  • Henry Cavill has a rogue curl of hair. It’s majestic.
  • Brown teasing Sam Claflin about his mustache. Claflin also looks way more relaxed than his character, Mycroft.
  • Helena Bonham-Carter choking on her pipe smoke and adorably carrying a baby.
  • Brown and Burn Gorman awkwardly executing their fight scenes.
  • Actors flubbing their lines, making weird faces, and props getting minds of their own.

Based on the book series by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes tells the story of the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Enola’s mother mysteriously disappears. What follows is her journey to solve this complex case while evading capture from her two older brothers, who are keen to make her a “proper lady” by sending her away to boarding school to prepare her for a suitable marriage. Donning various disguises and deciphering complex codes, she proves to be a brilliant detective and formidable fighter, more than able to take care of herself and to thrive in a world that is determined to underestimate her.

Enola Holmes is now available on Netflix.

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Check out the bloopers below: