DC FanDome: Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Patty Jenkins and the cast of Wonder Woman 1984 debuted a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 at DC FanDome. Take a look at the latest trailer and see the first glimpse of Cheetah.

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Wonder Woman 1984 has at this point had numerous release dates. It was originally set for December 13th, 2019 when it was first announced, but then moved to November 1st of that year to avoid competing with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It was then decided it would be delayed to June 5, 2020, as Warner Bros. figured it would play more like a summer movie (the first week of June was the same date the first Wonder Woman opened to massive success). Yet sadly COVID-19 caused Warner Bros. to originally switch the release date to August 14, 2020. As it appeared theaters would not be ready by then, Warner Bros. again shifted the release to its current date of October 2, 2020. Fans have passed four dates where they would have seen the next adventure of Wonder Woman.

DC FanDome kicked off with a panel for Wonder Woman 1984 featuring director Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Kristen Wiig (Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord).

Fans asked questions, with two special guests on hand to ask questions: tennis star Serena Williams and the original Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter. The big reveal was the debut of a new trailer (it has been almost eight months since the first trailer premiered).

The trailer seems to answer two big questions on fans’ minds. The first is how Steve Trevor comes back. While not confirmed in the trailer it does appear Maxwell Lord’s ability to grant people’s wishes seems to be a major story point, and Diana’s wish may have been to bring Steve back. Their roles now reversed, with Steve now the fish out of water in the 1980s and Diana having to clue him in.

The second is fans finally got a glimpse of what Kristen Wiig will look like as Cheetah. Her look has been kept under wraps for a while, and after the disaster release of Cats, many fans were skeptical about how they would realize Cheetah onscreen. It appears Wiig’s character, Barbra Minerva, will undergo a transformation over the course of the film as her power grows. She says she ‘wants to be an apex predator,’ so it grants her the power she has always wanted. In classic fashion, it’ll be a case of being careful what you wish for.

Wonder Woman 1984 marketing appears to show that Warner Bros. is confident they will be able to release it in theaters this October and that audiences will feel safe and comfortable. But the coming weeks could shift that if Tenet doesn’t perform to Warner Bros. standards in a staggered release strategy. Warner Bros. could push the release date back even further (which they have alluded to) or debut it on HBO Max in a manner similar to Mulan on Disney+ where subscribers may pay a little extra to access it. Time will tell.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for Wonder Woman 1984?