DC FanDome: The Flash and Multiverse Confirms Batman Is Not In DCEU

DC FanDome clarifies the status of the DC Multiverse and how that will factor into the future films and television, with new concept art for The Flash and the status of how Robert Pattinson’s new incarnation of Batman will factor into the previous films and the wider multiverse.

Director Andy Muschietti, writer Christina Hodson, producer Barbra Muschietti, and star Ezra Miller showed up in a quick Flash panel to showcase some concept art and tease the direction of the DC Universe and wider multiverse and how the Flash factors into it.

Andy Muscheitit showcased concept art that highlights Barry Allen’s new Flash suit, created for him by Bruce Wayne, and some concept art that shows the scarlet speedster fighting alongside the Dark Knight, but not the one of his Earth. This is our first image of the Flash fighting alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman (indicated by the suit and use of Danny Elfman’s theme over the video).

Right before The Flash panel was the Multiverse Panel, which was no accident. These two concepts are intertwined and the Flash film will help establish the DC Multiverse for film fans, and clarify that all incarnations of these characters across film and television, past and future, are all valid. It all counts.

In a Multiverse panel that consisted of Jim Lee, Walter Hamada, and Greg Berlanti the three discussed the multiverse and how it relates to the films and television series.

Walter Hamada confirms that Matt Reeves’ The Batman (described as Year Two Batman) will take place in a separate Earth from the DCEU timeline that consists of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam. This allows Matt Reeves to do something unique and not have to worry about how it would impact the current storyline going on in the main DCEU.

They showcased footage from various film and television series, indicating that we could see some other fun faces in the upcoming Flash film.

What do you think? Who do you want to see in The Flash? Are you excited about the concept of the Multiverse?

The Flash arrives in theaters on June 3, 2022.