REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7E10 – Stolen

Soooo, I guess this is that point in the season where nearly everything goes wrong (again, some more), and it doesn’t seem like there’s a way out of it.

This is the moment when Fake Quake realized he might have miscalculated.

First of all, James Paxton. What a phenomenal job he’s done so far at playing his father playing John Garrett. Whether he studied footage of his dad or however he managed it, he’s brilliant. Must have been pretty emotional for him, too – and for other cast members! So creepy to have Garrett back – and a super-powered Garrett, at that. But I get the strong feeling Nathaniel doesn’t much like Garrett. He’s just using him as a means to an end. I’m waiting to see how that blows up in his face. Soon, ideally.

That said, there is only one person who should get the honor of wiping Fake Quake out of existence: the one and only true Quake. Nathaniel thinks he’s better at the Quake powers just because he’s had them longer? Uh huh. Suuuure. Daisy’s the Destroyer of Worlds. She could split the planet in half if she tried – and now Nathaniel has given her a darn good motivation to want to. I don’t even really need to see a big showdown. She just needs to end him.

Random Malick side note: did him saying anarchy was his goal make anyone else think that was a reference to Jed Whedon’s and Maurissa Tancharoen’s Dr. Horrible? It was intentional, right? (Except Malick is way more horrible and much less enjoyable to watch than that titular main character.)

What I said about Daisy killing Malick is all assuming she continues to exist. Sigh. I would have been totally okay with Jiaying killing Nathaniel, too. Not at all okay with him killing Jiaying. I don’t know if a reset is where we’re headed at this point, but even though this show has done that kind of thing before, I wouldn’t complain. Daisy shouldn’t have to have watched her mother die again. No wonder she’s not exactly happy to meet Kora in the promo for next week.

A few happy things: Yo-Yo’s upgraded power is freaking awesome. I love her. Sousa continues to be a sheer delight. I don’t think he was wrong to encourage Daisy to talk with her mom a bit. At least now, assuming she continues to exist and there isn’t a reset allowing her to have more time with her mom, Daisy has had a little more positive time with her. Plus, we got onscreen Dichen Lachman with Enver Gjokaj! We also got that adorable little scene with Jemma watching Daisy with Sousa. She totally ships it.

I want more of these guys together. Kora can come along if she must, but only if she stops being awful.

Also, Deke continues to be so loving with Jemma. I know she didn’t really believe that her theory about Fitz not being around to help the team wasn’t true – but I like that she saw she was hurting Deke with that theory, so she stopped. Oh, and speaking of Deke: yay for the Deke Squad getting to apply for real SHIELD membership! I hope they all make it in, in some form or other.

My theory heading into the last episode before the two-part finale(!): Deke is going to play a major role in stopping Sibyl’s plan. I think everyone has a tendency to underestimate or overlook Deke. No idea how he’ll save his Nana and Bobo – but I think he’ll be a big part of it.

Any thoughts on how the team might get out of the mess they’re in? Let us know in the comments.