SDCC 2020: The Walking Dead season 11 delayed

The Walking Dead S10The Walking Dead will have an extended season 10 even as the premiere of season 11 has been delayed to 2021.

Lots of changes were announced during the Comic-Con@Home panel for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, AMC has officially delayed the regular October premiere of the next season of the main series, the first time in a decade that the show has been delayed. The recently (almost) concluded season ten finale was already delayed earlier this year due to production issues. This episode is slated to air on October 4 and an additional six episodes have been ordered for the tenth season, all set to air in early 2021. No new details have been revealed about these new episodes.

Showrunner Angela Kang discussed the challenges The Walking Dead has been facing due to the crisis, saying:

“Obviously COVID has disrupted a lot of things for every workplace, including ours…

The writers’ room for season 11 has been going remotely the past few months. We haven’t been able to start production but we will get back to work as soon as we safely can. We will not be airing season 11 episodes this year as we normally would in October, but we’re excited to announce an extended season 10, where there will be six extra episodes to follow the finale. Those will run in early 2021 if all goes well. We’re working on those now and will have more to share soon.”

Given the scale of the production for a show like The Walking Dead, which requires dozens of extras who need to undergo lengthy transformations in make-up to look like a horde of the undead, it is unlikely that regular production will be allowed anytime soon.

In place of The Walking Dead, AMC will be airing the season six premiere of the first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, on October 11.

AMC released an extended clip for the season 10 finale entitled “A Certain Doom” which will also feature the return of series veteran, Maggie.

Check it out below: