REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7E9 – As I Have Always Been

Guys. Elizabeth Henstridge directed this episode amazingly well, while also acting the hell out of Simmons’ character. She’s even more of a genius than we knew. As I cue up “I Got You Babe”, I’ll try to process this beautiful, heartbreaking episode. So much to love, and so much love shown for these characters in how they were written.

Not only is he super dreamy and into her, but he’s also REALLY smart. What’s not to love?

First of all, Daisy and Coulson. We’ve needed more moments with just the two of them, and boy did we get some excellent ones with this ep. I loved that Coulson finally allowed himself to express what immortality would mean for him – and that he did it to Daisy, his surrogate daughter who has watched him die too many times. Poor Coulson. I bet he sort of wishes he could have all those disastrous time loops wiped out of his memory, though not with a scary implant like Simmons has/had/has again. At least he isn’t alone (*sob* – more on that later) in having some of those terrible memories. If they ever get a quiet moment together, he and Daisy can commiserate.

Second, Daisy and Sousa. I really wasn’t sure, when he first showed up, that I would be okay shipping them. But now I find that I’m really okay shipping them. That’s good writing. It hasn’t been that many episodes! Daisy is definitely Sousa’s type. Which, Daisy, if you know your SHIELD history, that’s very flattering since Peggy Carter is the actual best. I hope Daisy and Sousa have a much happier ending than her and, uh, anyone else. Heh.

I’m very concerned about whatever Simmons remembered briefly at the end of the second-to-last loop. Any time you have a TV character repeating, “What have I done?” while tears roll down their face, that’s a pretty strong indicator that something awful is coming. I just hope it doesn’t mean something awful will happen (or already did happen?) to Fitz.

Most of the rest of the cast – aside from Enoch – didn’t get as much to do in this episode. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t shine in their scenes, because they did. Loved the scenes of all of them piled up in the hangar after tangling with Enoch. And of course, everyone’s reactions to Coulson and Daisy being distressingly flippant about people dying or about to die. On the other end of the scale, there was also Deke’s heartbroken face while he watched his poor grandmother die.

A good friend to us all, indeed.

And finally, Enoch. Of course it’s not surprising at all that he would sacrifice himself for the others – since he already did that once, back on the Lighthouse. But by now we’ve had the chance to love him even more than we did back then. TBH I was pretty sure when I heard the title of this episode that it was a Spock reference (although yes, the wording isn’t exactly the same) – and if so, it would have to be something to do with Enoch. Joel Stoffer is amazing, and I’ll miss his presence on this show dearly. I don’t often actually cry while watching TV episodes. Enoch’s bravery and honesty made me cry. Also, his last thoughts being about Fitz? *cries some more* As someone on Twitter said, Enoch was the best best friend of all time. If there’s a Chronicom heaven, for sure he’s there.

Next week: maybe we’ll finally get rid of Nathaniel Malick? Or is he really going to be the big bad for the rest of the season? I guess we’ll find out…