The Walking Dead showrunner shares finale details

The Walking Dead MaggieThe Walking Dead showrunner Angela King revealed some details about the yet-unaired season ten finale during a guest appearance at AMC’s Friday Night in With the Morgans.

Entertainment Weekly reports that King joined other The Walking Dead cast members, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paola Lázaro (who plays new character Princess) on the AMC show and gave some hints about what fans can expect from the delayed season finale. Kang said:

“Obviously we’ve got this new power group of four, with Princess and Ezekiel and Eugene and Yumiko, that is off on the road, and so we are going to see some interesting turns in that.”

Princess was introduced in the last few episodes of the season and she began to build rapport with the group in the last episode to air, despite their initial suspicions of her.

Kang added:

“And then the big story that we have been following all season with the Whisperers…Now that Alpha is gone and Beta is having to step up into that leadership role — with his kinda half-Alpha and Beta face — we’re going to see our people take their stand against Beta and the Whisperers.”

The penultimate episode of the season ended with the massive cliffhanger of Beta bringing the combined forces of a walker horde and the Whisperers to surround the abandoned hospital where the heroes were hiding. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, told EW in May that the finale will be a thrilling chapter with amazing fight scenes. Reedus said:

“It’s going to be an epic battle…It’s like a full-on Game of Thrones super war battle.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan also added that Negan might “irritate” Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan) when the character eventually returns during the finale.

Though the final episode had finished filming back in November, post-production had not yet finished when the episode had to be delayed due to the coronavirus crisis. Production on season eleven of the show has not yet started.

The Walking Dead season ten finale, “A Certain Doom” will premiere later this year. More details might be revealed at the show’s virtual Comic-Con panel happening on July 23.

Check out a sneak peek featuring Maggie’s return below: