REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7E6 – Adapt or Die

Okay, well. I didn’t see all that coming, that’s for sure. And I’m not okay with a lot of it. On the other hand, that promo for next week … hoo boy, I can’t deny that looks promising!

“You’d think a guy named Stoner would be more fun.” But at least he’s smarter than he appears!

First off, Mack. I was so relieved when Coulson and May destroyed the Chronicom personality-stealing thing before they got to Mack’s parents! Alas. Those actors were fantastic, though, and they did look like they could be related to Henry Simmons. But it’d be great if Mack could not be forced to make any more heartbreaking decisions related to family members that aren’t real in the remaining episodes of this show. So glad Yo-Yo was there with him. Up until the end of the episode, that is!

I’m glad General Stoner was a more useful character this week. He had a lot of great lines. I wonder what May felt off him at the end there – judging by her expression, she didn’t appreciate it. Poor May. But her empathy certainly came in handy quite a lot for them all! Did Sibyl not see that little wrinkle coming? She apparently also didn’t see Coulson’s “super power” ahead of time, either.

Speaking of that, I’ll admit that was part of what I didn’t see coming – not this early in the season, anyway. They’d been foreshadowing Coulson’s willingness to sacrifice himself (again) pretty heavily in several earlier eps. I just kind of thought it’d be closer to the finale, not mid-season. It’ll be interesting to see how he comes back. Judging by the promo, he might not get a body this time. Which would be a bummer. I kind of wanted Daisy and May to get a final goodbye hug, if they wanted it. At least we got that excellent Coulson-May scene in the cell before Coulson did his hero thing again. Man, I’m going to miss these guys so much.

That scene between Coulson and Sibyl was also fantastic. It reminded me a lot of Doctor Who, actually, and the many scenes where the Doctor faces down baddies like the Cybermen or Daleks who think that human emotions are a fatal flaw. This version of Coulson was very much like the Doctor, in fact – right down to his lack of fear of death.

Deke and Jemma were sweet this week. I love how much of a real family dynamic they’re developing. Glad to have answers and a solution for Jemma’s malfunctioning tech. Also, to me personally “Diana” is not what I’d call adorable. But whatever floats your boat and keeps your memory safe I guess, Jemma. Love that Enoch saw being included in the FitzSimmons family as the great compliment that it is. Enoch really is the best. (…We’re not going to see Fitz until the finale, are we? Sigh.)

Sousa is awesome. Also: love that Daisy said she’d crush Nathaniel – and in a way, she did!

Daisy and Sousa were heartbreaking and badass. Poor Daisy, being forced into following in the footsteps of her mother. I’m sure even Jiaying herself would never ever want such a thing to have happened to her daughter. Also, I resisted shipping Daisy with Sousa (because Peggy!!!1), but if Sousa has to be separated from Peggy for the rest of his life … Daisy could definitely do worse. Sousa is pretty much perfect (and very pretty). And it certainly looks like they’re moving past the comrades-in-arms vibe.

Lastly, I was a little miffed that we didn’t get another fun ’70s opening title this week. I guess the throwback to something similar to season 5 days made sense with the tone and theme of the episode, but still. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get alllll kinds of fun ’80s references next week!