REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7E5 – A Trout in the Milk

So I’m glad we’ve had a few relatively light, fluffy episodes this season. Because this one was really not.

First off: what is wrong with Jemma??? Is she going to be okay?? Is she really Jemma or some Chronicom/LMD combo? ‘Cuz she for sure has some kind of tech in her neck (sorry for the rhyme there), which is never a good thing especially when it’s malfunctioning. It would have been good if Enoch had fixed her. But there’s never time for these things to be fixed, until they malfunction even worse. Which means that’s something to look forward to, probably next week.

Yes, this scene was kind of predictable, but that didn’t make it less delightful.

Second, poor Sousa. I feel for him. He saw Peggy’s name on the list of Insight targets! No wonder he was thinking about sticking around in the ’70s. Although I would love to have Enver Gjokaj along for the rest of the season, I will settle very happily for him leaving if it means him somehow ending up with Peggy – no matter if she looks older than him! Of course, he has to make it through some possible torture first…

But, uh, speaking of Sousa thinking about leaving: Nathaniel, Malick’s kid who’s supposed to be dead, is going to massively underestimate Daisy’s powers, right? Which is how she and Sousa will get out of his creepy science lair, right? Freakin’ Whitehall and his awfulness always coming back to haunt Daisy and all of us. On a positive note, she looked amazing in her ’70s outfit! She gets some stunning looks.

“Stunning” would also be a decent word to describe May in this episode. Her dress was gorgeous, and it was fun to see Daisy reacting to her having taken on the bar patrons’ drunkenness. Hee. But it was less fun to watch all of Coulson’s overtures to fall flat – much as May might have wanted to be able to react in some more normal May-ish way. Poor Coulson.

Yo-Yo and Mack in the Lighthouse together were adorable. Sure, discovering a secret rocket that will be launching a death weapon into the sky isn’t super romantic for most people – but their banter was top-notch. I love those guys. And yeah, Mack, she does always bounce back. But I still hope she gets her powers back soon, too. Incidentally, I wonder if she’d seen pictures of Mack’s parents before. She certainly understood who they were right away.

Heyyy, Fitz got more than just a throwaway mention this week! That’s good. But I don’t like that Iain De Caestecker wasn’t even in those awesome A-Team style opening credits! I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: bring him back, and not just in the final episode. Also, considering what seems to be happening to Jemma: do not bring Fitz back only for Jemma to have amnesia and not remember him, or any garbage like that. Just no.

This scene was powerful and painful. No one could blame Mack for his decision.

Some final thoughts: I cracked up when Daisy straight-up called Coulson “Dad” as he nerded out with Sousa about SHIELD history. That was some subtext that became text right there. Deke continues to work through his issues about whether he does or doesn’t want to maintain the status quo – which is interesting. Patrick Warburton was hilariously deadpan. Also, unless there’s a terrifically good reason for Enoch to be separated from the team again, Enoch better be sticking with them for the rest of the season. (Until he probably dies as a hero again, that is. Sigh.) He is just the best.