REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7 E4 – Out of the Past

Guys, I don’t know any other show that so consistently puts out episodes in a season that just keep getting better and better. Also, I think this is my new favorite noir ep of a show (closely followed by Fringe‘s “Brown Betty”).

What would it have been like if Coulson had just leveled with him right away? I wonder. (Image credit: Marvel/ABC)

I love the device of Coulson’s EMP blast from last ep making him see everything in black and white, and hear his noir-y internal monologue. Of course, he improvises pretty well as he works to help Sousa get a key piece of tech delivered to Howard Stark. And it was interesting to have both Hydra and Chronicoms running around trying to stop Sousa. But obviously the Chronicoms don’t really know Coulson at all if they thought he would ever betray humanity for his own sake. Besides, there have been more than a few indications that this version of Coulson has no plans to live forever. He certainly keeps putting himself in (what would normally be) harm’s way.

Yaaay, I’m so glad Sousa’s on the team for however long (rest of the season please?). Some folks online have pointed out that technically he could now end up as the cop played by Enver Gjokaj in The Avengers, which is fun. But I do have to say, this almost makes me hope he and Peggy were definitely not a thing anymore. Otherwise, poor Peggy gets another lover who she thinks is dead, but who’s actually just no longer in the same time as her. Sniffle. And I mean, what Sousa was saying to Coulson about relationships doesn’t leave much room for Peggy & Sousa. (But I still want to believe!)

Glad to have some answers for May’s deal. I’m sure if you told Past May that someday she’d literally be feeling other people’s emotions, she would not think (or feel) that was funny. Wonder if any of her emotions will ever be her own again… Also we need a little more time devoted to Yo-Yo and her lack of powers.

Bringing back Freddy Malick and having Deke face off with him was pretty brilliant, and well played by Jeff Ward especially. What a relief that Deke made it out of there with nothing worse than a bump to the head. And some more emotional trauma, too, of course, but that just means he’s really part of the team now! Heh. Poor guy.

Mack is right, of course: “It’s easier to let a bad man live than to let a good man die.” I wonder if that attitude and willingness to make a few waves will continue into the next episodes. I mean, the Chronicoms might force Mack’s hand with that kind of thing by joining with Hydra. Guess there was no way this show would have its final season with just a little cameo from SHIELD’s squid arch-nemesis. I’m hoping the Chronicoms find it harder to control Hydra’s actions than they were expecting, though.

I’m sorry, Enoch. At least you only have to wait… two more decades?

Joel Stoffer continues to be one of the best things to happen to this show in its later seasons – which is saying a lot! You can’t help but feel bad for Enoch as he gets more and more depressed after each agent contacts him. So glad to see him reconnect in-person with the team in the promo for next week. It’s about time!

Speaking of “about time”, yet another week without even a direct mention of Fitz. Come on, guys! Sure, we can all imagine that Enoch was thinking about his real best friend when the drunk guy at the Crazy Canoe called Enoch his best friend, but that’s not good enough. We need a real Fitz appearance ASAP.

Next week: the ’70s. See you then!