REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7E3 – Alien Commies From The Future!

This episode was a lot. That is to say, a lot of awesomeness and also plenty of nail-biting tension.

Watching as Jemma slowly realizes how much trouble she’s in was a delight.

So the team follows the Chronicom ship to 1955, to a SHIELD base that just so happens to be located at Area 51. Loved that nice continuity nod to Conspiracy Theory Daisy/Skye in season one. Sometimes I forget just how far each character has come since way back then. But for instance, Jemma has also come a long way since her first undercover attempt. It was a master stroke to have them decide to have Jemma go in as Peggy Carter. The scene with her and Coulson “triggering an emotional response” was hilarious! And then Coulson on the bus! Too bad those two had to run into Daniel Sousa – a guy who definitely knows how to spot a fake Peggy when he sees one.

It was wonderful to see Enver Gjokaj as Sousa again. The little bit of silver at his temples did not decrease Sousa’s dreaminess at all – in fact, it only increased it. I wish we could have him working alongside our SHIELD team for longer. Like, the rest of the season would be fine. On a related note, until or unless it’s disproved, I’m going to assume that this timeline’s Sousa is still with Peggy, but they just often have different assignments in different places. (Although based on the promo for next week … who knows where/when Sousa is going to end up?! And that might disprove my Peggy/Sousa hope right there.)

But re: the rest of the season, I’m upset that we still have no glimpse of Fitz. Not even a mention of him this week. I’m sure part of the reason for that is, no Enoch this week either. I understand that the team had no time to try to contact Enoch, but they darn well better pick him back up soon. If only because Coulson seems to be malfunctioning (!) after the EMP blast, and Enoch might be helpful to have around in fixing him. OTOH, May seems to perhaps be coming back to herself? Not a great moment for a PTSD attack or whatever that was, but that was some real emotion at least. Also May and Yo-Yo teaming up is always a pleasure, even when they’re both not at one hundred percent.

Speaking of, though, I need Yo-Yo to get her powers very soon, too. Yes, she’s a good agent even without her powers, but it’s infuriating when shows take away powered characters’ abilities (especially if it’s permanent). But that scene in the diner between Mack and Yo-Yo was lovely.

Deke thinks anyone who doesn’t know that these three are awesome is dumb. We agree, Deke.

Michael Gaston often plays such thoroughly unlikeable characters, and he does it well. Wonder whether Agent Sharpe ended up in a psych ward after that “abduction”, or what?

Speaking of guest stars, it was a pleasant surprise to see Tamara Taylor as Sybil, the Chronicoms’ “Predictor.” I imagine we’ll be seeing more of her which is more than fine by me.

Also, love that Deke, the guy from the post-apocalyptic future, hates white privilege and racism, too. Love ya, Deke. Nice bit of follow-up between him and Daisy about her order to kill Freddy, too. Don’t think Daisy really learned much, though. But she sure did look amazing in her ’50s getup. Which I guess we’ll be seeing more of next week?