Danish crime drama The Sommerdahl Murders to premiere on Acorn TV

Danish detective series, The Sommerdahl Murders, will be premiering on Acorn TV at the end of June.

Described as the Scandinavian counterpart to the successful, long-running British detective drama, Midsomer Murders, The Sommerdahl Murders is based on the bestselling series of books by Anna Grue all featuring Detective Dan Sommerdahl. There are twelve books planned for the series with eight already published. Each book focuses on a case in the picturesque town of Helsingør which will be investigated by a team of detectives whose personal entanglements complicate matters further.

This adaptation is the latest crime drama to join Acorn TV’s lineup, following the upcoming premiere of the second season of the Welsh series, Hidden. The first season will have eight episodes, all with English subtitles.

Here is the official synopsis of the show:

“Respected detective Dan Sommerdahl (Peter Mygind) loves his job and his wife, Chief Criminal Technician Marianne (Laura Drasbæk), but with a passion for keeping the city safe he tends to forget his personal relationships, including his 25-year marriage. With divorce looming, Dan’s professional and personal lives are tested as he solves murders with not only his estranged wife, but his best friend and partner, DS Flemming Torp(André Babikian), who is also secretly in love with Marianne. The battle between desire and morals flares as the love triangle solves each two-episode mystery.

The intriguing cases explored in the series include the search of a missing newborn baby whose mother was found dead on a beach, a lottery winner who becomes victim to a marriage swindler, a rich playboy killed while his accountant is missing, and a suspicious death, as well as a lack of funds, at Helsingør’s football club, which forces the arrest of the team’s star player.”

Don’t miss The Sommerdahl Murders when it debuts on June 29 on Acorn TV.

Check out the trailer HERE.