REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S7 E2: Know Your Onions

Lots of developments this week, both delightful and worrisome.

First off, May. That definitely falls into the “worrisome” category. I mean, our May has always been cool-tempered and not one to show much emotion, but this? This is disconcerting and wrong. That relentless attack on Enoch. Then no reaction when she sees the man she loved resurrected yet again, this time as an LMD? I really hope this state doesn’t last long. The team needs to figure out how to get her completely back, and soon.

She’s nobody’s dame or bird. She’s a doctor and a biochemist.

Second, Enoch. Poor guy. First he gets beaten up by May (smart idea to get the Hunter upgrade package, though!), and then left behind in 1931! At least he has a new friend to spend time with. Koenig may not be Fitz, but he’ll be good company. I hope Enoch will be able to reunite with the rest of the team in the next time window. But speaking of Fitz, this is me repeating that we need to see him onscreen in the next episode or two. Maybe then Enoch will have the chance to make his best friend a barraculada.

I’m a little worried about Yo-Yo, too. Is her shrike infection causing her to doubt her own abilities? That was a hell of a lot of trauma. Or is there actually something physically going wrong there? Either way, even though that moment between her and Daisy was too short, I appreciated it being there. Our two favorite Inhumans need to maintain their friendship.

Nice to see Jemma once again proving her awesomeness, and not taking any nonsense from Koenig. (To his credit, at least Koenig recognized said awesomeness and onion knowledge.) But did anyone else have a weird reaction when she put on the face mask to remove the bullet from Hydra Lady? I know this was all filmed before the pandemic, but still.

Also, Deke and Freddy. Their parallels were interesting, though highlighted a bit heavy-handedly. Deke briefly taking on Freddy’s accent was fantastic. (Jeff Ward is great. I’m so glad he’s still part of the cast.) I didn’t appreciate Daisy using Deke as her way to take out Hydra in its infancy, though! C’mon, Daisy. Not like I don’t understand where you’re coming from, but your recklessness almost wiped out everything you’ve ever known. Kind of a big deal there!

Not a whole lot of focus on Coulson this week. His 30’s-era lingo use was delightful, of course, and all his interactions with Koenig. But I’m hoping Mack will have something to say to him about his apparent lack of concern for personal safety. Coulson, just because you’re an LMD now doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable – and the team needs you to be around!

A “marvel”-ous friendship, indeed.

Lastly, Koenig himself. Ohhh man did this show ever make the right choice casting Patton Oswalt! His reactions to the Zephyr? Priceless. I hope we at least get to hear some about his adventures and conversations with Enoch – when the team finds Enoch again in the ’50s. ‘Cuz they’re totally going to do that ASAP. Right?