WATCH: Lord of the Rings cast reunited for charity

Lord of the Rings Zoom reunionJosh Gad gathered the Lord of the Rings cast for One Zoom to Rule Them All on his web series, Reunited Apart, to raise money for No Kid Hungry.

In a special episode that will surely delight Lord of the Rings fans young and old, Gad managed to bring together all the original members of the Fellowship of the Ring: Frodo (Elijah Wood), Sam (Sean Astin), Gandalf (Ian McKellen), Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Gimli (John Rhys-Davies), Merry (Dominic Monaghan), Pippin (Billy Boyd), and Boromir (Sean Bean). He then brought more members of the cast: Gollum/Smeagol (Andy Serkis), Eomer (Karl Urban), Eowyn (Miranda Otto), and Arwen (Liv Tyler) as well as the creative geniuses behind the films, Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, and composer Howard Shore.

The special is also a fundraiser for the No Kid Hungry campaign which is focused on ending childhood hunger in America. Gad also teamed up with Cheerios to pledge $1.3 million dollars to help with the organization’s efforts to provide healthy meals to all children struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Fellowship of the RingThe episode runs for almost an hour and is full of wonderful moments that will hit the fans in the feels. The chemistry among them remains strong and the sense of family and fellowship (pun intended) is palpable as they reminisce about their once-in-a-lifetime experience. At one point Elijah Wood even remarks that nothing has changed with them even after two decades.

After the cast members shared hilarious and heartwarming anecdotes (even showing “stolen” props from set) about their journeys on the trilogy, Gad got all of them to perform iconic scenes from the films such as Frodo chiding Gandalf for being late, Sam and Gollum talking about potatoes, Boromir asking Frodo for the Ring, Arwen being challenged by the Nazgul, Eomer and Eowyn talking about war, Merry and Pippin joining the Fellowship, and Sam’s speech to Frodo about there being good in this world, a particularly timely scene given the current crisis.

They even got Sean Bean to say the thing.

Gad also invited Taika Waititi to host a trivia segment with the cast, one that Dominic Monaghan became particularly competitive about. The cast was then asked to share what Lord of the Rings means to them and their answers surely resonated with many of the fans watching this reunion as well.

Billy Boyd concluded the episode with a haunting rendition of his song “All Shall Fade” from The Return of the King, sure to bring tears to the eyes of anyone watching.

Another cast member makes a cameo appearance at the very end of the video so make sure to watch it all the way through.

Watch the Lord of the Rings reunion below and don’t forget to donate: