FX Teases ‘American Horror Stories’

With uncertain filming schedules and constantly shifting premiere dates, the future of television production is up in the air at the moment. Some shows have adapted to the current situation, and it looks like American Horror Story might be heading in that direction. The anthology series’ milestone season 10—which boasted a cast of American Horror Story veterans and fan favorites—is currently at a standstill. Co-creator Ryan Murphy has mentioned previously that the season’s “weather dependent” theme might end up changing. Fans will remember the moody teaser that unveiled the ensemble cast, set against a dreary coastal backdrop. We’re not sure when season 10 will be happening, or what it will actually look like when filming starts up again.

But, if social media is to be believed, we might be getting something to tide us over in the meantime. While Murphy mused about the idea weeks ago on an Instagram post (with a fan-made Zoom screencap of AHS faves), it looks like the network may have grabbed his pitch and let him run with it. There aren’t very many details as of yet, and we’re not sure when this will be a thing, but the official FX network social media accounts revealed American Horror Stories today.

“A new one-hour nightmare every week,” the post explains. Staying true to its anthology format, telling horror stories contained in just an episode, in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. This could be the future for American Horror Story for now, or it could be its own separate thing when filming resumes. The idea is exciting, though at this point we’ve more questions than answers. The opportunities are endless with a new, chilling tale each week. Since some seasons of American Horror Story tend to go off the rails toward the end, this might be the perfect format to get tighter story lines and more terrifying scares. However this happens, we’ll definitely be tuning in to see what American Horror Stories brings to the dark side of Murphy’s cinematic universe.

If there’s one thing AHS fans are good at, it’s speculating and theorizing. What do you think of American Horror Stories? Share your thoughts in the comments!