PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #116 – The Snyder Cut Is The Deepest

pop a la carte 116 snyder cut

Valerie, Angela, and Tatiana bring Camille and Richard on for a lively discussion about the Percy Jackson series that’s coming to Disney+ (0:35), along with a ritual singing of Rick Riordan’s representation praises.

The conversation then moves to the Smash musical being prepared for Broadway (13:00) and the queer-specific Taiwanese streaming service called GagaOOLaLa (17:30), which houses worldwide content.

Because it’s the one-year anniversary of Game of Thrones‘ garbage finale, there is a debate about how over it we all are (24:00), a short detour into how Westworld is dropping out of the zeitgeist while it’s still on (29:00), and a longer conversation about endings of genre television in general (35:00).

That takes us to a specific ending: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which was stellar (47:00). There is a short comparison to Voltron and speculation about Kevin Smith’s upcoming He-Man series as well. And somehow we fit in Batwoman changing its heroine (1:06:00).

Finally, the Snyder Cut if Justice League gets the in-depth treatment (1:14:00), meaning there are also conversations about the larger DCEU and a small section of “Where is New Mutants?” (1:44:00). As a side note, we continue to be excited for Cowboy Bebop (1:50:00) and wary about Lucasfilm choices (1:55:00).

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