REVIEW: Killing Eve, S3 Ep6 – End of Game

Killing Eve, S3 Ep6 - End of Game

Killing Eve continues to dive into dysfunctional family dynamics as some characters strive to uncover secrets while others simply want out of the messy lives they’ve chosen.

First off, Dasha is so off her game. It’s disappointing that such an intriguing character, who was even Villanelle’s mentor, should come across as a bit of a dud in a show full of dynamic and dangerously competent women. Not only did Dasha fail to murder Niko (who can even survive a pitchfork to the neck?) but the ruse backfires as well because Eve does not believe that Villanelle was behind this mess. For one thing, Niko would definitely not have survived had Villanelle actually assassinated him. Though why the Killing Eve writers continue to even show Niko is baffling to me as no one actually wants him there. Even Niko wants out, which he makes very clear to Eve. I’ll give Dasha a pass for this because it might be more of the writers’ failing than her.

But her later encounter with Eve at the bowling alley also shows how much off her game she is and how, thankfully, Eve seems to be getting back into her groove. Eve’s back to being the intrepid investigator she always was and she easily bests her opponent and not just in bowling. She leaves Dasha floundering and with empty threats since The Twelve still want Eve alive.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep6 - End of GameWhile Eve has been getting into her element, Villanelle seems to be struggling. Her disastrous visit to her family has taken its toll on her and even when she gets her coveted promotion to Keeper, she realizes that this is so not what she wanted. During her meeting with Helene, one of the representatives of The Twelve, Villanelle is given another assassination mission, just like her previous assignments. She expected to be giving orders but it looks like her ascension in the hierarchy is more symbolic than anything else.

Deeply dissatisfied with this result, Villanelle turns to her surrogate family, Konstantin, and expresses her wish to get out of The Twelve. She confronts her mentor at his daughter’s hockey game, making a scene and causing chaos in her classic way. As they converse, Konstantin immediately realizes that Villanelle killed her mother and his reaction is more of resignation than shock. It’s clear that he has been more family to Villanelle than her blood relatives have ever been and so he entertains bringing her along with him in his escape though he is cagey about the details.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep6 - End of GameLater on, Villanelle continues to bond with disgruntled daughter, Irina, and as the assassin allows the teenager to drive chaotically, she easily finds out that Konstantin intends to escape to Cuba. In Villanelle fashion, she also advises the young girl to just kill her mother’s boyfriend if he annoys her so much. And much to Konstantin’s shock, Irina runs over the poor man as he’s taking out the trash. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Yet another person waits for him in the dark of his apartment and it turns out to be Paul, just as untrustworthy as we all expected him to be. Earlier on, he and Carolyn had even traded banter about whether they were betraying each other. But one does not simply cast Steve Pemberton as a boring member of the bureaucracy. The Killing Eve team knew what they were doing here, and as Paul interrogates Konstantin about the death of Kruger’s widow (whom Villanelle killed on his orders), Konstantin struggles to keep his cool. And it takes a lot to get under that man’s skin.

But Konstantin has even more to deal with in this episode as he is confronted by Carolyn, also contending with some prickly family issues. In another chaotic car ride (how delightful that in Killing Eve it’s always the women behind the wheel, in more ways than one), Carolyn asks what Konstantin did with her child. He mistakes this reference to Geraldine and reveals, to Carolyn’s surprise, that the daughter had kissed him. But Carolyn takes the revelation in her stride and clarifies that it’s Kenny she’s referring to.

Konstantin then drops another bombshell on us, revealing that Kenny had asked him if he was his father. And even Konstantin doesn’t know. But there’s no doubt that Carolyn knows the truth behind Kenny’s paternity, but she keeps her cards close to her chest.

She later has a frank conversation with Geraldine about the necessity for them to put up with each other in the light of Kenny’s death. Fiona Shaw delivers the remarkable speech with her characteristic sharp succinctness:

“You were your father’s. And Kenny was mine. And that was how things were when we were all alive. I can’t lie, you see. I know other parents do. But I don’t have that gene…You’re right, Geraldine, all we have left is each other. So you make your stew and I’ll pretend to enjoy it. And while I do, you can tell me exactly what’s been going on between you and Konstantin. Because it seems while I’ve been unable to lie to you, you’ve had no problem lying to me.”

Surprisingly, Villanelle botches up her latest mission, even allowing her victim to cut her with shears. She leaves a messy trail of blood and as she suffers from her injury, she calls Dasha for help. Completely against Konstantin’s advice, Villanelle expresses her desire to leave that bloody life behind even as Dasha stitches her up. But Villanelle ought to have learned by now that one cannot always get what one wants and in some cases, one ought to be careful about what one wishes for.