REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 1.09: “Coup”


“You were the stone that sharpened my blade.”

We’re down to the wire in Motherland: Fort Salem. It’s evident that we’ve reached the point in the series where story-lines are amping up to be completed come next week’s season finale. It’s also interesting to see how think about how the series started and how this season is ending. For instance, is Alder turning into the antagonist?

“Bellweathers hate Swythes who hate Bellweathers.”: As expected, in this episode we saw the funeral for Libba Swythe. With Abigail giving the eulogy, we knew this moment was going to be heart-breaking. And right we are. Again, thinking back to the first couple episodes, it’s interesting to see Abigail’s newly changed thought process. She said it herself: that Bellweathers and Swythes were known enemies, simply because that was tradition. Both Libba and Abigail’s parents hated each other, and Libba and Abigail fell right into the motions. Given this, could the pair actually have been friends (or more! I see you Libbigail shippers!) this whole time? That alone is bound to tear a girl up inside. Overall, I think the eulogy and funeral was a perfect example of not only the above that was mentioned, but just one of the many sacrifices witches make in the army every day. Plus taking into account how and why Libba was killed, is a whole other story.


“She’s dead to me.”

“I chose you!”: If you didn’t cry (or cry enough) during Libba’s funeral, we also got a Raylla reunion to really tug at our heartstrings in this episode. Honestly, I knew a scene like this was coming right from the get-go. With Scylla trying to lure Raelle to the Spree and ultimately falling in love with Raelle, we knew a confrontation of sorts was coming for both parties. But what I didn’t really expect was Raelle’s reaction.
She’s completely shut Scylla out of her heart (or so she says…) and considered her the enemy; seeing how she told Petra about her for starters. And then when Raelle finally sees Scylla again, there’s no “I forgive you for all the terrible things you done” moment, although you know that’s going to happen, albeit very slowly.

However, I think the scene between Raelle and Scylla did wonders for Scylla’s character because we got to see their relationship from Scylla’s end. She was assigned to get to know Raelle, accidentally fell in love with her, and ultimately chose Raelle when it came down to it. Obviously, I don’t think that’s what Raelle wanted to hear. She wants to hate this girl that’s wronged her. But that’s easier said than done for both parties. While I know it’s going to be awful to watch, I’m interested to see where Raelle and Scylla’s relationship ends up in the season finale. Surely, Raelle can’t make amends in the next episode, but there could be a flicker of hope at least? Or perhaps with everything that’s going on with Alder, Anacostia and Raelle help Scylla escape or use her Spree knowledge? What are your thought and theories on where their relationship is headed?


“She loves you. That part’s real.”

Honorable “foot stomping” mentions: Tally freaking Craven is an absolute force to be reckoned with and we love to see it! Gone is the innocent girl that joined the army against her mother’s wishes to serve her country. She completely looked up to Alder and the entire process. Now, after everything that happened with the Citydrop, she doesn’t trust Alder for a second. Not only this, but she’s also willing to put herself first instead of some meaningless guy (I’m looking at you, Gerit). Seeing just how much her attitude and outlook has changed is great from a development point of view, but a little disheartening from a fan’s perspective, because we loved optimistic and lovable Tally!

Lastly, I definitely have to talk about Alder puppeting the President, and Anacostia’s recently changed opinions on her. We’ve seen Alder make drastic and questionable decisions before, but doing something highly illegal like puppeting (controlling someone’s mind, and basically inhabiting their body) to the President to get what you want is downright childish in my opinion. When word got out that the Spree infiltrated Fort Salem and Alder turned a blind eye to killing hostages to destroy the Spree, her role in the Army was done for.

President Kelly (the show’s 45th president I might add) was set to give Petra Bellweather Alder’s rank, but after the puppeting who knows what’s going to happen now. Do you think Alder’s actions will be found out and if there will be any sort of punishment for her? This is the woman that created the Army in the first place. I’m curious to not only see if the season finale becomes an everyone vs. Alder battle but if her character gets killed off. Where would that leave the Army?

What did you think of 1.09: “Coup”?

The season finale of Motherland: Fort Salem (emphasis on season. Renew this show already, Freeform!), 1.10: “Witchbomb” airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Freeform.