REVIEW: Killing Eve, S3 Ep4 – Still Got It

Killing Eve, S3 Ep4 - Still Got It

Halfway through its third season and Killing Eve has claimed another victim, whose death will have a huge impact on Eve and potentially drive a wedge between her and Villanelle.

Afte Kenny’s death in the season premiere, Niko was up next. Killing Eve continues to subvert tropes by fridging male characters to propel the journeys of the female leads. It’s a bold and interesting choice and refreshing to see after countless pieces of media have repeatedly shown women as the victims. Niko’s death may not have such a plot-significant effect as Kenny’s but it will certainly be another motivation for Eve to move forward.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep4 - Still Got ItHonestly, I didn’t even expect Niko to last this long on the show. It was obvious that he was going to be an obstacle to Eve and Villanelle’s budding relationship so I assumed that Villanelle would get rid of him. And she certainly had ample opportunities to do so. But she contented herself with torturing and traumatizing him instead. And when he checked himself out of rehab last week without telling Eve, I thought that would be the last we would see of him.

Poor guy just couldn’t catch a break. He went off to live a quiet, peaceful life in Poland, after all the Villanelle chaos of last season, only to be dragged back into the drama for one last, bloody time.

The episode played around with perspectives, displaying the character name for each POV in large, bold letters. It’s an interesting approach but it didn’t feel necessary because the show usually shows different perspectives anyway, without having to signpost them so blatantly.

We started with Niko in Poland and transitioned to Eve back in London, mangy and miserable, sleeping on the couch at the Bitter Pill office and eating other people’s Cocoa Pops. Jamie sympathizes with her and offers her his place for her to crash at. They companionably trade stories of their worst mistakes, each trying to one-up the other in misery. It’s exacerbated by the fact that it is Eve’s birthday and Villanelle even sends her a cake in the shape of a London bus.

But Eve gets out of her funk when she receives messages allegedly from Niko, which push her to go to Poland, to disastrous consequences. Whether she immediately suspects Villanelle’s involvement in this is doubtful because she should know that if the assassin had wanted Niko dead, he would have died a long time ago.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep4 - Still Got ItKonstantin was busy traveling all around the world, from a quick visit to his delightful daughter in Russia, a meeting with Kruger’s widow in France, and a surprise visit to Villanelle in Barcelona. In exchange for information about her family, Villanelle has to do a “clean and efficient” favor for Konstantin. This involves murdering Kruger’s widow after she sends Konstantin an email with important information. Another colorful kill for Villanelle, who has the hiccups and banters a bit with her victim before eventually strangling her with a garden hose.

Carolyn continues her calm and composed existence, something that bothers Geraldine to no end because they never seem to talk about Kenny. Carolyn then has a quick meeting with Paul and somehow convinces him to give her her office back (wherever it is.) As fascinating as Carolyn is, her scenes here feel the most disjointed from the rest of the episode.

Dasha is visited by an operative of the Twelve, instructing her to keep Villanelle from being skittish. There’s a chance the young assassin can get promoted but only if she follows the rules, something very much against her nature. Dasha comes up with the plan that may wreck Eve and Villanelle’s relationship and it all comes full circle, with Niko as the hapless victim.

And the episode ends with Villanelle making her way back to Russia (“HOME”), presumably to find her family. It looks like the two leads of Killing Eve will be apart for a while.