REVIEW: Siren – 3.06: “The Island”

“My baby is out there somewhere, far away.”

As we’re about halfway through the first half of Siren‘s third season I feel like we’ve migrated from the mer-baby being our main focus to Tia and her tribe. This is the first time we’ve seen her and her mer-folk on land either ever or at least for a while, and boy did it pack a punch! But before I kickoff this review, I’d like to say Happy MerMay everyone! The month long celebration of mermaids came to my attention a couple years ago when Siren tweeted about it. And while primarily surrounding creating drawings and animations I believe, I think you could totally partake in it by watching or reading your favorite mermaid/siren media! Like binge watching Siren perhaps?

“I know the truth about you and Helen, about what you are.”: This episode could’ve also been called “I Know” or “I Am,” because there were so many confessions that started with that sentence. Take Mr. Pownall, for instance. Now that he knows the truth about mermaids and hybrids, he’s unfortunately doing everything in his power to put a stop to them. I want to say I’m surprised by his actions, but in a way I’m not. He does catch up with Xander though, he actually says that not all mermaids are bad.

I think it’s interesting that we’re seeing this dichotomy play out between how Xander and Mr. Pownall are dealing with knowing about merfolk. We know that Xander has had it out for them ever since Levi killed his Dad. But here he is in this episode, saving Cami’s life. Goes to show that once you get to know people, your opinion might change. I’m hoping the same happens for Ted. Also, with his interests in hybrids too – what’s his game plan there? They’re not a threat in any way, they just have different DNA from humans? What are your thoughts on Ted and where do you see his storyline going? I think he needs to catch up with Dale, so maybe he can talk some sense in him too.

“Now we are good.”

“I know something. The most important thing to Ryn.”: Okay, remember when I said that we might have transitioned from Hope being the most important story-line? I might’ve gotten ahead of myself. As we see towards the end of the episode, Hunter tells Tia of Ryn’s baby in order to save her life. I figured something like this would happen.

The majority of the episode took place on an island, in a fight-to-the-death situation between Ryn’s tribe and Tia’s. This was the most action-packed episode we’ve seen a long time! And with the spontaneous moves on Tia’s tribes’ end, I had no clue what the outcome would be once it was all over. For instance, Katrina killing herself over going back to Ryn’s tribe?! What?! Is this the same mermaid we met in the season 3 premiere where she pledged her loyalty to Ryn? Personally, I really wanted her to serve as a double agent and try and stop Tia’s tribe from within, so this end for her character really upset me. But after seeing Hunter survive her thought-to-be-fatal wound, do Tia’s tribes have healing capabilities? I’m going to go with no because I know the show’s creators have vowed since the beginning to give the mermaids very limited abilities to not become too absurd. But with different tribes come different abilities maybe?

“I’m afraid, Ben.”

“I am one of them.”: I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten fishy vibes from Robb from Day One. Okay not actual fishy vibes, more like another mad scientist. But to actually have the reveal be that he’s a merman from another tribe is huge! For one, like Tia, he’s completely accustomed to land. Two, he’s an environmentalist and has the same scientific knowledge of the ocean as Ben and Maddie! So he’s literally like if Ryn and Ben were the same person (okay that’s weird to think about). I am so curious and excited to see where the story-line goes from here for Robb, Maddie, and co. Will Robb be on Ryn’s side? Is he from the tundra tribe that we see hinted at for next week? How did he get so accustomed to land? Obviously, I have a lot of questions about him. But, it’s story-lines like these that I’ve wanted on the show ever since the premiere!

What did you think of Siren‘s: 3.06: “The Island”?

The next new episode of Siren, 3.07: “Northern Exposure” airs Thursday at 10/9c on Freeform.

The trailer for the new episode can be viewed below.

Yes, give me these ice/tundra based merfolk! I hope we get to learn even more about the mermaid tribes in next week’s episode!

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