WATCH: Good Omens: Lockdown Mini-episode

Good Omens Aziraphale CrowleyThe Good Omens team celebrated the 30th anniversary of the book’s publication by giving fans a short lockdown episode.

David Tennant and Michael Sheen reprised their roles as Crowley and Aziraphale for the mini-episode, a short clip of a phone conversation between the demon and angel as they check on how each one is doing during the lockdown. Crowley is bored, “transcendentally bored,” stuck at home with nothing to do. He’s tempted to take a long nap and set his alarm to June when surely the whole thing must be over. Many of us share his optimism.

Aziraphale, on the other hand, is far from miserable, not being bothered by customers, catching up on his reading, and even indulging in a new hobby, baking. He enumerates the different delectable pastries he’s been busy making after discovering a cookbook section in the bookshop. Initially, he worries about how he will be consuming all of his creations but luckily, he receives a pleasant surprise.

There’s a hilarious bit when Aziraphale suggests to Crowley that the latter should be doing his demonic duties by going out and tempting people to break the lockdown rules. But Crowley, softie as he is, says he doesn’t have the heart to make people more miserable than they already are. After all, the coronavirus is already enough spreading fear and anxiety in the world.

When Crowley suggests that he “slither over and watch [Aziraphale] eat cake”, the angel immediately shoots down this idea as breaking the rules. The delightful pair still share so much of that chemistry that made them the highlight of Good Omens. Here’s hoping the lockdown ends soon so that these two can be properly reunited.

The short clip also contains many callbacks and Easter eggs for the die-hard fans of the book.

Good Omens was published on May 1, 1990 and a six-episode television adaptation aired on Amazon Prime in May of last year. The apocalypse may have been thwarted in that story but the world seems to be undergoing a transformative phase of its own.

Gaiman shared on Twitter that this little clip was a way for the team to cheer up everyone who was feeling down because of the quarantine.

Watch the Good Omens mini-episode below: