REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 1.07: “Mother Mycelium”

Sarah Alder, are you a Good Witch or Bad Witch?

“Mother Mycelium” had many many story-lines that I admit I wasn’t particularly interested in. Probably because all of my attention was held on Scylla being captured and Raelle still being worried sick about her whereabouts (if she still even thinks she’s alive at this point). So because of that this review is a Raylla-only event! Yes, we had many plot points being developed in this episode – Tally reuniting with Gerit, Abigail bonding with Adil – but I think this episode did a really good job at showing development for Raelle and Scylla both individually and as a couple – so I thought it best to hone in on just that.

“You can do things that no one else can.”: We’ve all known that Raelle has some pretty serious powers. We saw her heal someone right away in the pilot, and her gifts were discussed by her drill sergeant, Anacostia. In this episode, we really saw her powers grow. When taking part in a Linking exercise she literally knocked everyone unconscious (besides the Necro teacher)! And she also cured Adil’s little sister from the terrible and mysterious disease she was suffering from. But are her powers growing or are they being amplified because she touched the weird goo in the Necro Lab? I didn’t mention the goo in last week’s review because I found the whole thing weird and hoped it wouldn’t be important…it was. I originally wondered if the goo encounter was Spree related, but since the Necro professor knew about it, probably not? Unless she’s involved with the Spree, in which – mind blown! Do I think Raelle’s powers are growing? Absolutely! I think she’s always been the most powerful out of her unit (sorry Abigail), due to her “on the spot” thinking in battles. I’m sure we’ll see more of that in next week’s episode with the Citydrop.

Last Raelle point I wanted to mention. We’ve heard Raelle speak this Pagan chant when healing others, and she’s gotten a lot of backlash from other witches for saying it. Turns out, witches aren’t big fans of the church ways and I’m really curious to see if more of that unfolds in later episodes and hopefully future seasons. Is there a witch group that relies heavily on Pagan rituals? The Spree even?!

“I sensed a trace of…regret.”

“Let Me In.”: Poor Scylla; my heart completely goes out to her in this episode (okay, the majority of the season in fact). She’s being held captive for a crime she actually didn’t commit this time, just so the army can gain some sort of intel on the Spree’s headquarters. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: with each episode, I gain more respect for Miss Scylla Ramshorn. She got involved with a cult that she firmly believed in (and might still do on some regard), all because she needed a group to basically call family. Even after peering into her mind (which I’ll get into shortly because, my goddess!), Anacostia sensed this change from Scylla. And I just knew in coming episodes, the pair will reach an understanding. With that said, I’m curious if General Alder/the Army will end up being a villain by the end of it. We see Alder hardly show any remorse when Anacostia brings up Scylla’s sensed regret. Same with wanting Khalida’s song. Is Alder doing things for the greater good or treating witches like numbers? Which is where the Spree’s intentions come in.

Lastly, about Scylla’s Spree flashback. We see her basically go on her first mission for the Spree – which was the mall mass suicide. I don’t know about you, but I immediately saw the naivety surrounding Scylla. You can tell she thinks she’s doing great work for the Spree, but she doesn’t have the full story. Now what we need are glimpses of her life before she joined the Spree. Her relationship with Porter and her family, too! It’ll bound to be gut wrenching, but it’s necessary.

“This is all you need to know. I love you Raelle.”

“They’re gonna tell you horrible things about me.”: Speaking of gut-wrenching, that Raylla scene! To quote Taylor Hickson, “if that scene didn’t wreck you – you must be heartless.” While they only shared one scene together, it was one of the most powerful scenes I’ve ever felt between a pairing. You can feel the chemistry of the two obviously, but also the simultaneous relief and anguished feelings the two have for one another. My goddess! And the fact that after leaving the room, Taylor broke down in sobs when Amalia, in character as Scylla, was crying out for her, just proves how powerful that scene was.

I tweeted this while watching the episode, but I’d like to understand how Anacostia/Alder thought that by reuniting the two, under those circumstances, was a good idea. Sure, it was effective in getting Spree answers, but at what cost? They literally probably thought, “let’s grab Raelle out of bed, reunite her with her love briefly (albeit horribly), just to place her back in her bed and she’ll assume it was just a vivid nightmare!” There is so much wrong with that way of thinking that I have no words. And on top of it, let’s announce the CityDrop, the very important test to see if you’re cut out to be a solider, in a matter of minutes of Raelle “waking up.” Like, what?!

What did you think of 1.07: “Mother Mycelium”?

The next new episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, 1.08: “Citydrop” airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Freeform.

After watching this week’s episode, I realized we only have 3 episodes until the season finale and I got…very nervous! How long will the Citydrop occur for? Will Alder turn out to be the antagonist in the end? Will Raelle and Scylla properly reunite? I repeat: I’m nervous!