REVIEW: Killing Eve, S3 Ep3 – Meetings Have Biscuits

Killing Eve, S3 Ep3 - Meetings Have Biscuits

Killing Eve reunites the two leads for one hot moment while also exploring the fascinating ways Carolyn employs to gather information.

While this episode features the very first kiss between Eve and Villanelle, the moment does not seem quite as “momentous” as it should be. There’s still so much baggage between them and it doesn’t help that the kiss was soon followed by Eve head butting the assassin.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep3 - Meetings Have BiscuitsWhen Villanelle entered the bus, it initially felt like Eve was imagining her there. But Killing Eve expertly subverts even our expectations by having the moment play out pretty straightforwardly. Villanelle is really there and this elicits a violent reaction from Eve. The assassin is amused by Eve’s ineffectual punching and flailing but when she flips her over and demands Eve to “smell her,” the latter is powerless to resist.

Despite her complicated feelings towards Villanelle, Eve still clearly and desperately wants her, as evidenced by her reaction to the toy with the pre-recorded message. She may have ripped out the heart-shaped device but she also gently held it to her ear, basking in the sound of Villanelle’s voice.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep3 - Meetings Have Biscuits“Admit it, Eve. You wish I was here.”

Prior to her London assignment, Villanelle finishes a job in Andalusia by throwing a tuning fork at a pianist. Finally, some more creative kills. But more interesting than this is Villanelle’s decision to take the victim’s baby to lunch with her and Dasha. She’s fascinated by the child but lacks all motherly instincts. Apparently, so does Dasha who nonchalantly places the wailing babe in a trash can. Only a show like Killing Eve can make such an inhuman moment seem darkly comic instead of appalling.

But this episode seems to be laying the groundwork for Villanelle’s other desire, to know more about her family. It’s an unexpectedly human motive for someone like Villanelle and not all that convincing. Surely, this is not the first time she’s seen a baby during one of her missions so why does this particular encounter suddenly awaken her desire to know about her origins.

Strange as that subplot is, it was still amusing to have Villanelle surprise Konstantin in his own bed. Why search for one’s own family when she has a perfectly dysfunctional one with Konstantin and Dasha?

Another reviewer makes the case that Killing Eve is bringing some just representation to women of a certain age by portraying Carolyn pretty much as most fiction would portray a veteran male spy. Carolyn knows she has an alluring figure, enhanced by her amazing confidence, and she knows how to make the most of these assets. When at first she seems to have been stood up at a date, it turns out she was simply engineering a “coincidence” to meet up with an old friend.

The investigation into Kenny’s murder continues with Carolyn and Eve joining forces with the team at Bitter Pill. They discover a bit more about financial crimes, links to Geneva banks, and the death of someone code-named Panda, who was killed back in season two. The whole investigation does take a back-seat in this episode to the Villanelle-Eve confrontation and the wonder that is Carolyn Martens.

Though there is some exposition in this episode, Killing Eve is more interested in simply giving us a luxurious dose of Carolyn from her eccentric meetings in a bathroom, her catching up with old “friends” and even her stakeout with Mo. Eve remarks that Carolyn must have had a “lot of fun” in the 80s and what fascinating stories could she tell?

Killing Eve, S3 Ep3 - Meetings Have BiscuitsWith all this focus on Carolyn, I genuinely feared for her life when Eve initially suspected that Villanelle was in London to target her. After Kenny’s death, the show has made no qualms about saying that no one is safe. But even with that caveat, I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Carolyn just yet, not after all that we were learning about her.

So for one, maddeningly tense moment, I thought: they wouldn’t….would they?

And it’s a testament to Killing Eve that I even believed they would kill off such a pivotal character so early in the third season. But thank goodness it was just the accountant and Carolyn lives to be the fabulous spy that she is for at least one more day.