REVIEW: Siren – 3.05: “Mommy & Me”

“I want my baby to learn about sea and land.”

If last week’s episode was welcoming the mer-baby into the world (both on land and in the sea), then “Mommy and Me” focused on acclimating both Ryn and her baby into the ways of actually raising the baby. But it ended a little differently then we thought.

“All of these babies would be eaten.”: Jarring quote aside, this episode was great to see the differences between raising a child as a mermaid vs. human baby. From showing Ryn things that us humans know like diapers and children’s books, to having us learn that the male mermen actually raise merbabies and not their mothers (more on that in a bit).

I adored the scene of Maddie and Ryn in the library! Okay partly because the story time leader totally thought Maddie and Ryn were the parents, but I think it was a great way to have human customs of raising a baby and Ryn’s literally in the same room. Every mother there wants their newborn to be loved, successful, or healthy; Ryn just wants her baby to survive. She’s not wrong, I don’t really want to think about it, but I’m sure mer-babies are easy prey in the water at first. Because of that, it makes more sense for the men to raise the babies when they’re young so they can develop those fighting skills that I’m sure they can teach them? I will admit, I was kind of floored when i heard that the mermen take care of the babies, since humans aren’t traditionally used to that. And then I’m thinking, is that why Ryn was so adamant on raising her on land, to actually be the one to raise her? We did see that one of the men that is taking care of the baby from here on out is Levi, whom I completely adore and trust. “Then yes I promise. With my life,” he told Ben.

I am curious to see: 1) if we’ll ever see the baby again this season and 2) if so, will the baby be a toddler or teen at the end of the season? Lastly, I should mention, that the baby was given a name! Hope, which I found to be very inspired by Originals. Can we get a spin-off for this Hope too, where she’s running her own pod or something?

How far will Ben go with these experiments before he realizes he needs to reel other people in?

Ben Pownall, Aquaman?: Oh Ben, I can’t decide if I’m for his continued experiments. I feel like by the end of the episode, he’s taken more stem cells than his Mom has. Which is fine, because he might be able to get a glimpse into what the side effects will be for his Mom. But with that said, how many injections are too many until he basically becomes an honorary merman? And it doesn’t seem that his secret experiments will be secret for much longer, seeing how Robb and Maddie found the dead mermaid in the warehouse space. What are your thoughts on Ben’s experiments? Here for it, so maybe he can help his Mom and future patients? Or against it, because he could do some serious damage to himself.

Who-Its & Relationships Galore!: This episode featured so many relationships! From platonic to romantic, and even family history with Ted (welcome to the real Bristol Cove, Mr. Pownall)!

Annie Brennan & Xander McClure: partners in crime you don’t want to mess with.

The first that I have to mention is Xander and Annie! We’ve seen Xander training for the police force for some time now, but it was this episode that we really saw his friendship with Annie and Xander shine. I actually didn’t know they were set to be partners on the force, but as soon as that was confirmed, I was so here for it! We saw the two share a heart to heart about past relationships, and I really hope we see more of Annie! Although, Xander has some serious explaining to do about seeing Levi and the other merman take Hope into the water.

We also saw some great scenes between our Polymarine trio (Ben/Maddie/Ryn) and Robb and Maddie. Actually, I think this was super important to see because honestly ever since Ben and Maddie broke up, I’ve been wondering how their relationship together is holding on. And actually, Ryn said it better then anyone: “You are love. Ben is love. That does not change even if you two are not together.” So while, Robb and Maddie are basically dating, Maddie and Ryn’s relationship is still just as strong as ever! “I’m always here for you,” Maddie replies. Cue adorable Raddie kiss! Personally, I think this was so great to show because it confirmed for us that Ben, Maddie, and Ryn’s connection is still incredibly important. Honestly, whether Ben/Maddie continue to stay broken up or not, I think they’re endgame.

What did you think of Siren‘s: 3.05: “Mommy and Me”?

The next new episode of Siren, 3.06: “The Island” airs Thursday at 10/9c on Freeform.

The trailer for the new episode can be viewed below.

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