REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 1.06: “Up is Down”

“I’ve never felt less powerful than I have right now.”

One thing I’ve noticed and truly admired about Motherland: Fort Salem is that many episodes feature the same type of feeling/emotion/event, and we see each character react differently to them. For example, them first arriving at Fort Salem, training, Beltane, etc. Well, now we see the different ways the Bellweather unit handle the unfortunate feeling of grief. And it was heartbreaking to watch.

“I let my guard down.”: Abigail Bellweather has my whole heart and soul in this episode. I just knew the show would feature something to have her completely win me over. We saw the horrible experience she had to deal with – the Spree in last week’s episode – and now she’s left with all the trauma. Problem is, she’s not willing to accept or deal with any of the grief. I feel like this was such an important thing to see from her character. We have this strong willed, plays-by-the-rules girl, that refuses to let anything stand in her way from reaching her goals. But when something tragic happens, such as losing a family member and her contact with the Spree, she refuses to acknowledge it or seek help. As she sobs “I let my guard down” (and we all cry along with her), I think she’s terrified of showing any sort of weakness again, for fear that something else will happen to those she loves.

“You’re looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m not crazy.”

“How can I be a sister to her and a liar at the same time?”: In the middle of everyone’s grief is Tally Craven. Knowing that Scylla’s Spree, she’s left trying to hide this secret from both Abigail and Raelle – especially Raelle. I continue to mention this, but I feel like as each episode passes, Tally’s innocent demeanor is slowly fading and she’s left having to make pretty difficult decisions. I can only imagine what she must be feeling, having to keep this to herself. Also, does she feel partly responsible for Scylla getting captured? I don’t think she knows that Scylla’s right under their noses with General Alder and Anacostia yet, but I generally felt the sorrow in the “No” Tally spoke when Raelle told her Scylla was dead. Ugh, everyone is going through so much in this show and I’m very emotional about it all!

“Go to the safest place? Doesn’t that make sense?”: Raelle is interesting to see when handling grief. For starters, she’s dealt with this before. “Grief’s stubborn,” she tells Abigail, “and wild.” For once, these opposing characters have something in common. Something tragic, but something in common nevertheless. While Abigail’s refusing to accept feeling this way, Raelle is refusing to believe Scylla’s dead and doing everything to prove everyone wrong. Raelle Collar, you are the bravest witch I know. She literally took a box’s worth of Salva to allow her to fly to Scylla’s safe place, the light house. Obviously, 1) being filled with grief, she didn’t get to her destination. And 2) Scylla’s not there.

I think after this episode, the Bellweather unit just got a whole long stronger.

What did you think of 1.06: “Up is Down”?

The next new episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, 1.07: “Mother Mycelium” airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Freeform.