REVIEW: Killing Eve, S3 Ep2 – Management Sucks

Killing Eve, S3 Ep2 - Management Sucks

On this week’s Killing Eve, Eve and Carolyn deal with grief while Villanelle takes on a new assignment on her way to becoming a Keeper.

The second episode still feels like it is setting up the rest of the season, with the inciting event being Kenny’s sudden death in the season premiere. Given how the young man was still investigating the shady dealings of the Twelve during his time at Bitter Pill, it’s clear that this was no suicide. But while some of the mystery behind his murder is tackled here, the episode is really about how both Carolyn and Eve react to his loss.

As Sandra Oh told The Hollywood Reporter, it’s Kenny’s death that gets Eve back into the game. After all her efforts at putting that life behind her, the intrepid investigator in her cannot abide the injustice of not knowing who killed Kenny. After an emotional outburst at Kenny’s memorial service, Eve decides to take action, having kept Kenny’s phone. She teams up with Kenny’s colleagues at Bitter Pill to find out what he was working on before he died.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep2 - Management SucksAnd though she had been reluctant to work with Carolyn again, going so far as to explicitly rebuff the latter’s request for help, in the end Eve shows up at Carolyn’s door to share what she knows. Unfortunately for them, Konstantin is also listening in via the souvenir refrigerator magnet he previously gave Geraldine.

Some more new characters are introduced in this episode, notably Danny Sapani’s Jamie and Gemma Whelan’s Geraldine. Jamie, who teases and maybe flirts with Eve at the service before proving to be a potential ally in finding justice for Kenny.

Geraldine is Kenny’s sister and the daughter Carolyn never seemed to have mentioned in previous seasons. She’s intriguing because she comes across as perfectly normal and empathetic (hyper-empathetic, her words) as opposed to Carolyn’s cool professionalism and even Kenny’s lack of squeamishness for decidedly unsavory tasks. Konstantin doesn’t see her as a threat but as an opportunity for espionage.

But I suspect that there’s more to Geraldine than meets the eye, and she might just surprise everyone who has obviously underestimated her. I’m still not sure if this is credit to the writing on Killing Eve or because I always enjoy Gemma Whelan’s performances from Game of Thrones to Upstart Crow, the lady is versatile!

Carolyn’s grief was another aspect explored in this episode and it’s great that Killing Eve is giving the brilliant Fiona Shaw more to do with the character this time around. Always having been aloof and unemotional, Carolyn now has to deal with a truly devastating loss.

Given that she and Kenny were clearly closer and even worked together on very sensitive cases, everyone expected her to break down. But at first she resists the conventional expression of sadness by still showing up for work and acting like everything is all right. But when her agent finds her listening to sad music alone in her car, it becomes evident that even the unshakeable Carolyn can be moved by a personal tragedy. She wants justice for her son and that’s the most relatable she’s ever been.

Killing Eve, S3 Ep2 - Management SucksVillanelle’s side of the story is relatively lighter as she enjoys the perks of the job once more with her fabulous new wardrobe and swanky new Barcelona apartment. She’s living the high life, having casual drinks with Dasha as she continues her hedonistic lifestyle. But this week brings a new assignment on the way to Keeper-dom, and it’s one Villanelle has never had to do before – mentoring.

“If you make me look bad, I’ll kill you,” she warns Felix and she lives up to her word.

Her poor protegé botched up his first job, making a mess of what was supposed to be clean and clinical. Villanelle had to finish the job herself and take him out as well. She realizes with frustration that management of subordinates can be a tricky business and she might perhaps not be the best person for it. Not that she would let something like that stop her.

When she returns to her flat, she receives an uninvited guest whom she greets with violence, as usual. But there is a strange fondness between the assassin and her former handler and both of them never seem to be capable of killing the other. Besides, Konstantin bears momentous news: Eve is alive.

And now that Villanelle knows that the object of her obsession survived her bullet, the real fun can begin.