REVIEW: Siren – 3.04: “Life and Death”

“Take her to the water. Bury her like one of us.”

After many episodes of both Ryn and the hybrids wanting a mer-baby to save their species, it’s finally happened! But of course given the show, and the fact that a hybrid is carrying the child instead of Ryn, it amounts to some complications. I will admit, I’m usually very skeptical of shows adding pregnancies/newborns into the mix after it’s been a few seasons. I just feel like the story-line usually comes across as an out of the blue idea (*coughTheOriginalscough*), or it’s implemented because of one of the actresses.

I wasn’t that jazzed about the initial mer-baby idea when it was first brought to our attention. But I liked the added element of having the hybrid, Meredith, carrying the child to term since it would bring the mermaids and hybrids closer. And after this episode, I think that’s even more the case.

Well, this is an adorable family portrait.

Welcome to land, Mer-Baby!: After many complications with keeping the baby without Ryn, the second she’s by Meredith’s side, her contractions and pain lessen. We certainly see poor Meredith go through the ringer and she’s an honorary mermaid in my eyes. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the birth, Meredith doesn’t survive the labor. I certainly saw this coming; the character’s prime reason for being on the show was to have the baby. But I was pleasantly touched to find that Ryn wanted her buried like a true mermaid. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Right off the bat, we see some major differences between regular newborns and this mer-baby. For one, they don’t instantly start crying. “It attracts predators,” Ryn says. And there is the whole dry skin issue since the baby needs to head to the ocean stat! We’ve seen some magical babies and children in our day (I’m looking at you Twilight), but I don’t know about you, but the second I saw that baby sprout a tail and happily swim, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I’m so curious to see more abilities and differences this baby has. And any guesses on what her name will be? My hope is Meredith after the hybrid that birthed her.

“Seems like I have a better chance of taking care of the people I love with a badge on my chest.”: As each episode of season three goes by, we’re seeing a much different side to Xander than seasons past. He’s working on the police force and really trying to change his life around. Helen also mentions it to him, but I think it’ll be great to have another mermaid-knowing police member in Bristol Cove to help alongside Dale. Also, I’m pretty sure this episode was the first time we saw Helen and Xander get along, which was interesting. More scenes with them please! I also find it interesting that throughout the entirety of the series and especially after everything he’s seen, Xander continues to have this dislike for merfolk. I understand that he hasn’t had the best of luck with them, but you would think he’d want to at least help this endangered species? We’ve seen glimmers of acceptance from him, so maybe with him fully being on the police force, that’ll change?

Are the experiments he’s doing on himself a good idea or bad?

Robb with 2 B’s meet Ben with 1 B: While all of this mer-baby business is happening, Robb decides to drop by unannounced to see Maddie. While sweet on any other day, this is just bad timing. “I postponed my trip so I can spend a little bit more time with you,” he explains to Maddie. Anyone else getting a tad bit obsessive vibes from Robb? He seems very sweet and we haven’t seen him in a negative light (yet), but you just met Maddie! And in the first instance of meeting her – you get drinks and spend all hours of the night talking (fine); then try to invite her back to your place (not fine).

Then there’s the obvious jealously between Ben and Robb. Now we have to take into account that Ben, Maddie, and Ryn are in a polyamorous relationship. Just because Ben and Maddie aren’t totally together anymore, doesn’t mean Ben/Ryn and Ryn/Maddie are as well, as we fortunately see in this episode. Maddie could very well see other people if she wants to, and might not be comfortable explaining her dating history to Robb. What are your opinions on the romantic involvements on the show this season? I’m really glad we saw brief intimate moments in “Life and Death.” It made it apparent that they’re still together, and that this representation is still important to the show.

Also speaking of Ben, any theories as to possible mer-abilities he might be obtaining from doing these experiments on himself?

What did you think of Siren‘s: 3.04: “Life and Death”?

The next new episode of Siren, 3.05: “Mommy and Me” airs Thursday at 10/9c on Freeform.
The trailer for the new episode can be viewed below.

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