REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 1.05: “Bellweather Season”

“Raelle doesn’t need you. She has her own gifts.”

This wedding will be one that the Bellweather’s unfortunately won’t forget. From the simple “wedding crash” scenario to the very complicated Spree invasion, “Bellweather Season” has it all. Not only will the Bellweather family not be the same after the events that transpire in this episode, but neither will the Bellweather unit. Each unit member will lose someone towards the end of this episode.

“I’m more than my name.” Throughout the series thus far, we’ve seen the sort of influence the Bellweather’s name has throughout the military. And we’ve seen Abigail try her damn hardest to live up to it. Remember how in earlier reviews, I predicted some heartbreaking event would occur, that would make us love her? Or at least, understand why she is the way she is? Well that happened and then some in “Bellweather Season.”

We’ve seen the story of the overachiever that tries to be better than everyone else for their family’s sake. But we rarely see that same overachiever, trying so hard to be someone great, but have it not needed because she’s a *gasp* elite Bellweather family member. I guess it’s like if Hermione Granger was the main character instead? All the “books and cleverness” but it’s not even looked at when facing the Dean of War College. That alone would make me upset.

But no, the Spree has to infiltrate the wedding and ensue mass chaos. In regards to Abigail’s cousin Charvel’s death, I knew she was going to die the second I saw her in her wedding dress. We saw it hinted in the Motherland promos. I just didn’t know that she’d be related to Abigail and that it’d be set in present day. The fight between Abigail, her Mom, Petra, and the Spree was so well done! There were moments throughout where my heart was in my throat, because I was so worried that something was going to happen to Petra too! But it was also great to see the mother-daughter duo in action! In this episode’s After Show, creator Eliot Laurence, mentioned how he rarely ever sees a mother/daughter team fighting alongside each other, and I agree! I think it both showed the strength these Bellweather women have as well as the love for their family.

Oh to be Raelle in this moment.

“I think Scylla is Spree.”: All I have to say about Tally in this episode is: Poor Tally. She goes from being this pure and innocent (well technically not so innocent anymore) little witch, to basically having her world turn upside down in a day. Not only does she find out the guy she likes is engaged to be married, but she’s the one that finds out Scylla’s Spree! Did I think Tally would be the one to first find out Scylla’s secret? No; I thought for sure, it’d be either Raelle or Abigail. But now that it’s happened, it makes sense. Tally is the mediator between the unit for starters, and as mentioned – she’s the most innocent. So to have all of this ugly truth rise to the surface for her, allows for her to develop this chip on her shoulder, if that makes sense? I know in reviews past, I’ve said that I think she’s going to be the superior solider among Tally and Raelle. And maybe this is the beginning glimpse of it?

Also, side note: I find the lore of men being contractually obligated to be married for only five years fascinating! They must have a 0% divorce rate (if that’s even allowed). And that my theory of witches needing the occasional “energy boost” from time to time was proven right! Are there any other world building elements of the series that you’re dying to know as well? I want to know what the early days of the Spree formation was like for instance, and more positions within the army (Fixers, Necro, etc.).

Scylla, the girl that chose love over Spree duty. I’m not crying.

“No matter what happens…I love you.”: Where do I even begin with our weekly Raylla content from this episode? Are we sure Scylla doesn’t have some succubus/siren abilities…because every time she’s on my screen, I melt! If last week’s “I’m with you” scene didn’t convince us that Scylla generally cares for Raelle, this episode definitely did. Sure it started out with Scylla crashing the Beltane wedding, and trying to lure Raelle to this Spree meeting spot by the beach. But at the end of it, she put her “sexy weird” girlfriend before the Spree. We knew she was basically putting her life on the line by dismissing the Spree. I know we can’t forget Scylla’s previous actions, but I hope in due time we’ll get more of this redemption story-line that both Scylla and Raelle deserve. If 1) Raelle ever finds her and 2) she trusts her after finding out the truth.

What did you think of 1.05: “Bellweather Season”?

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Okay, who wants to bet that the Spree kidnapped Scylla because 1) she failed on her mission and 2) to finally get Raelle to join their side? I don’t want to be right again, Motherland.