REVIEW: Siren – 3.03: “Survivor”

Raddie reading dates are the best dates.

First, I would like to correct the time that Siren is now airing episodes. Season 3 episodes will continue to air on Thursday nights but at 10/9pmc instead of its original 9/8c time. Of course the first thing that went through my mind was, “Are they airing the show at a later time for the violence or because they’re trying to cancel the show?” But with our current state of everyone staying home, the majority of Sirens demographic should be able to tune in still? I feel like third seasons are the “make or break” of an established show, so I hope everything goes swimmingly.

In the episode “Survivor”, everyone is doing just that: surviving in their current elements. Whether that be getting accustomed to a new career like Xander, preparing for an ultimate battle with a foe of a mermaid, or just the awkwardness of having your ex meet your potential new beau, this episode’s got it all.

Ben, look at your life. Look at your choices!

Welcome back, “Elaine is a Mermaid” Theories!: Does anyone remember the early season 1 days when we were trying to figure out if anyone was a mermaid in Bristol Cove? Well, I remember a lot of people wondering if Elaine was a mermaid (I think it was the wheelchair and accident, to be honest). While the writers didn’t go that route then, they just might be hinting at something mer-related with Elaine now in season 3.

As we saw in “Survivor,” thanks to the stem cell injections, Elaine has developed some unnatural inhuman abilities. Like being able to hold your breath underwater for several minutes! With continued injections of the stem cells, could more abilities occur? With Sargent Kyle out of the picture, Elaine isn’t getting any more. But that doesn’t mean Ben can’t go and dig up Donna’s grave and casually inject himself with her stem cells. No big deal. This is going to go horribly wrong, isn’t it? Does anyone have any guesses as to what additional side effects could be? Like developing a siren song or the “auto immune disease” Helen and other hybrids have, perhaps?

Can Ryn defeat Tia and potentially raise a merbaby?

“She senses her mother.”: We know that the hybrids stole Ryn’s eggs and inserted them into a fellow hybrid. And we’ve seen how the match between human hybrid and mer-baby isn’t exactly going well this season. After experiencing pain of her own, Ryn finally learns about her baby, too. A baby could be the saving grace for Ryn’s pod, especially with the war with Tia that’s going to occur. I know we’ve seen clips of the baby swimming with Ryn, but I’m curious to see how mer-babys grow up vs. humans. Do they need to be in the ocean more than Ryn? Do they have the siren song as infants? Or is that developed in adulthood/teen mermaids? (Oh my goodness, could you imagine an angsty teen mermaid?!)

Will Raddie’s relationship be on the back burner this season? I hope not!

Robb Meet PolyMarine: Robb Wellens has taken a serious liking to Maddie. They’re going out for coffee and even planning garbage removal trips. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the writers were shifting away from Ben and Maddie and towards this new pairing. Do I have anything against Robb? Absolutely not. I think he’s adorable and I love the actor as well. But I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t notice a shift between the Ben/Maddie/Ryn relationship. We know that Ben and Maddie are on the outs, after Ben admitted to killing Ian. But where does that leave Ryn and Maddie in their relationship? Are the writers stepping away from the polyamorous aspect of the show? Is she still dating Ryn, but also dating Robb? I realize Siren has many more important story-lines in the works currently, that might not allow for relationships to be portrayed as heavily as they were before. But I would hate for all of that buildup from last season to be forgotten. Anybody else feel this way? I know Ben’s Mom said a line about “imagining being in a relationship that Ben’s in”, so it’s still partly present at least?

What did you think of Siren‘s: 3.03: Survivor?

The next new episode of Siren, 3.04: “Life and Death” airs Thursday at 10/9c on Freeform. The trailer for the new episode can be viewed below.

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