REVIEW: Siren – 3.01 & 3.02: “Borders/Revelations”

Banana & pineapple salad with marshmallow chicken anyone?

It’s been about 8 months since we’ve had a new Siren episode on our screens. Have we all recuperated from Maddie’s “death”? I know I can probably never watch that scene/episode even again. And I’m also grateful they didn’t show any of that in the recap for the season 3 premiere. Speaking of season 3, a lot has changed for our humans and mer-friends. Xander’s gearing up to work in the police force, Ryn’s trying to cook Ben and Maddie dinner, and oh yeah – there’s a highly intelligent mermaid that desperately wants to kill all humans! If season 1 was introducing mermaids to us, and season 2 was introducing hybrids, Ryn’s pack, and adapting to the human/mer life, then season 3 is introducing different mermaid tribes!

A proposal, a new career, and a potential beau, oh my!: As with a lot of the Siren 2 hour episodes, the whole thing felt like a movie, the episodes seamed so well together. And on top of it being a new season with an assumed time jump, a lot of things happened in Bristol Cove. Like Ryn has really accustomed to human life even more. She’s going shopping, making dinner, and I’m so proud of her. When the show first premiered, I was always most interested in seeing Ryn go from knowing nothing about humans to slowly knowing what she needs, and I’m glad we’re finally seeing that.

As we saw a little at the end of season 2, Xander has applied for the police force and got in! I’m excited to see where this storyline is going and if he can eventually use his police capabilities like Dale did to help the merfolk! Calvin proposed to longtime girlfriend, Janine, and it was so sweet! Ryn, seeing the act, asked what “marrying someone” meant, and I swear if she asks Maddie and/or Ben to marry her, I will not be okay!

Lastly, it appears there’s a new environmental scientist that Maddie meets at a lecture of his (I’ve dubbed him Ted Talk guy), to which they bond, get drinks, and close the bar down! Is Ted Talk guy (real name Robb portrayed by: Deniz Akdeniz) going to be a love interest for Maddie? With Maddie and Ben on the outs after revealing he killed Ian, it’s very possible.

Helen’s crazy mermaid talk and books from season 1, has sure come in handy now!

Welcome to the MerClub, Mr. Pownall: The second episode of the premiere focused a lot on Ben’s father, Ted Pownall, coming to terms with the realization of mermaids, his own mermaid sighting years ago, and ultimately trying to find one. We see him meeting with Helen to talk about the infamous Pownall past and their relationship with mermaids, and it honestly makes me wish Freeform released a book replica from the show with all this information inside, because it’s a lot to keep track of. What we do know is that Ted almost got himself killed trying to go back to the scene of the crime for Charles’ Pownall! But with Ben, Ryn, and her pack’s help, he was okay in the end. But with another human knowing the existence of mermaids, I think the only character that doesn’t know of their existence is Elaine Pownall and Janine? I’m curious to see if that will change.

Villain Alert – Tia: Right at the start of the premiere, a new character soared onto our TV screens, literally. We meet Tia, held prisoner by the Russia Army for the past 10 years, and she’s finally escaped. I fell in love with her character the second I saw her. She’s badass, knows exactly what she wants, and will do anything to get it. Her motive: save the oceans and kill the humans. She kills the pilots on the plane she’s in, crashes it, and dives into the water. Prior to the mermaid tail, I had to ask myself, “Am I really watching Siren?” I have never seen anything this action packed and brutal on this show prior. Show runners and writers, keep it up!

We stan this villainous mermaid.

What also interested me about Tia, was just how well versed in human culture she is! Had we not seen her tail, I wouldn’tve known she was a mermaid. She reminds me a lot of Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. Similar to her, I wonder if eventually down the road, we’ll see her first interactions with humans in Russia, so we can understand why she hates humans so much.

With that said, several members of Ryn’s pack came on land to basically report Tia to her! Even after Tia tried to bring in Katerina to her side, Kat immediately ran and told Ryn of Tia’s true actions. Talk about loyalty from the mermaid I’d least expect.

It was mentioned from both Tia and Ryn that they are from different tribes and that there are many more out there. We’ve seen glimpses of additional villain-like mermaids making their way to Bristol Cove, so I’m even more excited to see how each tribe differs. Are there mermaids in cold regions, warmer regions – give me a mer-map! What’s your opinion on Tia? Love her, hate her, love to hate her?

What did you think of the 2 hour season premiere of Siren?

The next new episode of Siren, 3.03: “Survivor” airs Thursday at 9/8c on Freeform. The trailer for the season can be viewed below.

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