REVIEW: Motherland: Fort Salem – 1.03: “A Biddy’s Life”

“Hi I’m Tally Craven. Complete virgin, and hot for any part that’s available.”

If you didn’t think this was a witch’s world and the men were just living in it, then the third episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, was here to prove you wrong! All thanks to the event of Beltane! The actual purpose of Beltane in real life is “the coming together of male and female energies to create new life.” For the purpose of the show, the witch men (I say witches because the term warlock wasn’t used, and the leader of the group was called WitchFather), arrive at Fort Salem. The female and male witches can interact and basically it’s up to the females’ choosing. As the men say on this show, “Everyone knows women are stronger than men.”

“There will be a lot of…energy.”: The second these boys step foot off the bus, it’s hoots and hollers from the women, especially from our girl, Tally. In fact, because of this newfound energy, Tally is the best in her training! I guess the mere presence of men can do that to a witch.

While, yes, this is an actual celebration that takes place, this story-line of the episode was so much fun! These witches are teenagers after all; well, 18-year-olds. I think my favorite part of this was just seeing the sense of freedom the witches had with these men. Every course of action was up to them. Sure, we know this is a very matriarchal society, but I thought it was still refreshing to see. From creating rain during a game (to totally make things more sexy), hooking up in a secret location at Fort Salem, to sharing a simple first kiss, this episode really showed it all. I’m interested to see how these developed relationships form in the coming episodes. Are the girls just using the men during Beltane or is this something more?

“So, I’m just supposed to trust you?”

“To stand with General Alder in that way; they should be revered.”: This episode isn’t called “A Biddy’s Life” for no reason. We’ve seen the old women that follow General Sarah Alder everywhere she goes, and we know they’re the key to keeping her young. But we finally got a look into what it truly takes to be and become a Biddy. And as Tally explains, if you’re chosen to become a Biddy, it’s an incredible honor! However as we see, it’s a great sacrifice. These women aren’t powerful elderly women, they’re young adults that give up their youth for Sarah. As we see one Biddy die, another is immediately called and transformed.
I think the interesting and tragic part of this all, is in the “After the Storm” inside look from the episode. Creator Eliot Laurence says that each Biddy can really only serve for about 5-7 years. Meaning, not only are they giving up their youth, they live to only be technically about maybe 30-35 at very oldest? Talk about a sacrifice!

But I think there is a little bit of a beautiful element to it. Sarah Alder understands what each Biddy is doing for her; she calls them her daughters and loves them so much! So there is an understanding on both sides. Would you become a Biddy if chosen? I will say, since Tally loves and honors the idea of it so much, I think if the actress were to ever decide to leave the show (or in the series finale), she should become a Biddy. I feel like that would be a great end to her character.
Oh and I would also like to mention, that it was great to see General Alder meet with the countries’ witch leaders! We’re getting to see how each witch army is handled in different countries!

Now, do they look like the pair where one is totally conspiring against the other? GODDESS I HOPE NOT!

“She hasn’t told you anything, has she?”: The lies and drama unfold with our (okay my) favorite witch couple, Raylla. With witch men in town, Scylla comes face to face with a boy from her past: Porter. At least we know that 1) there was a time where Scylla was a good person, and 2) this is her true identity and not the Spree’s lighter magic. With Porter comes an inevitable run-in with Raelle. The poor girl is being pulled left and right and she hardly knows anything about Scylla’s past. Until she forces it out Scylla. We learned that her parents died in a raid of some sort? It sounded like they were hopping from one family to the next? Personally, I don’t know what to believe and would love a flashback sequence, just so I can make sense of it all, too.

With Porter being a way for the truth to be revealed, he’s got to go. Using her Spree capabilities (or as Porter put it, “balloon filled with hate”), he makes his death look like a suicide the next day.
Raelle being the secret good person that she is, tries to use her healing medic powers, but it’s no use. But it does lead her to fall unconscious just as she sees Scylla far off in the distance. Raelle just needs to find out the truth and Scylla needs to turn good, so I can love these two without a care in the world! Who knew shipping a pair could be this stressful?

What did you think of 1.03: “A Biddy’s Life”?

The next new episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, 1.04: “Hail Beltane” airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.