PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #110 – Vagrant Quarantine

pop a la carte 110 quarantine

Valerie, Tatiana and Angela had a full (metaphorical) house when staff writer Kathryn and special guest Bryan of GeekPop joined the podcast.

This Week In Postponements (1:00), we went over Broadway productions closing, Late Night shows conferencing in from home, The Lovebirds moving to Netflix and all movie theatres closing, as well as shows ending their seasons early.

In Quarantine Watch (19:00), we covered everything we’re bingeing or catching up on, like Westworld, Letter To The King, Vagrant Queen, Scooby Doo Mystery Inc., and Better Call Saul.

Suring Asian Drama Corner (40:00), we went over the billion Korean and Thai dramas in our queue, like Meow The Secret Boy, 365: Repeat The Year, A Piece Of Your Mind, Hi Bye Mama, When The Weather Is Fine, Great Men Academy, Mint To Be, and of course Crash Landing On You.

That was followed by a discussion on the latest casting news from The Mandalorian (1:10:00) and an interview with Paul Andrew Williams, director of the new BBC miniseries A Confession (1:29:00).

Let us know what’s on your Quarantine watch-list in the comments below, or listen to other episodes of the podcast on Podomatic.