WATCH: Trailer for Deadwater Fell

Deadwater Fell acornDeadwater Fell, a new psychological mystery drama starring David Tennant (Good Omens, Broadchurch) and Cush Jumbo (The Good Wife, The Good Fight) will be premiering on Acorn TV next month and the official trailer has been released.

As previously reported, the series is comprised of four episodes which will air weekly on Acorn TV, North America’s largest streaming service specializing in British and international television.

Here is the official description of the series:

“As much as it reveals the origins and outcome of the violent, unthinkable tragedy in the fictional Scottish village of Kirkdarroch, Deadwater Fell is equally a captivating forensic dissection of two relationships: trusted general physician Tom Kendrick (Tennant) and his beloved local primary school teacher wife Kate (Anna Madeley, Patrick Melrose, The Crown, Utopia), and school teacher Jess Milner (Jumbo) and police sergeant Steve Campbell (Matthew McNulty, Versailles, Cleaning Up, The Terror). Dr. Kendrick (Tennant) is a trusted, admired and much-liked member of the community and is a doting father to three little girls, a seemingly loving husband whose marriage to Kate (Madeley) appears nothing short of perfect. But in one night the illusions of happiness and contentment are shattered as the community is drawn to Kate and Tom’s home in the forest by the flicker of flames and the smell of smoke. Amid the confusion, Kate and her children are found dead, and Tom, found unconscious in his bed, is rushed to the hospital. As more suspicious details of that night emerge, Jess – who was Kate’s best friend and closest confidante – becomes desperate to understand what could have caused such a tragedy, and what secrets lie at the root of this terrible act.

Filmed entirely on location in picturesque Scotland, Deadwater Fell examines in unflinching detail the nature of female friendship and the harmful, entrenched gender stereotypes and conformity that can lead to the most devastating consequences.  Laying bare the fragility of trust and the corrosive nature of lies, the series demonstrates that even the closest of friends all have their secrets.”

Deadwater Fell premieres on April 6 on Acorn TV.

Check out the trailer below: