Westworld returns on March 15

Westworld S3 BHBO has released more information about the upcoming season of its sci-fi drama, Westworld.

It’s just a week before the premiere of the highly-anticipated third season of Westworld and HBO has finally revealed some more details about the show including the character names of the new cast, new images, and the titles of the first four episodes along with short, intriguing synopses. 

As previously reported, returning cast members include Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Thandie Newton in her Emmy-winning role as Maeve, Ed Harris as the Man in Black, Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, Tessa Thompson as Charlotte, Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs, and Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton. The new images show Dolores, Charlotte, Bernard, Maeve, as well as some of the new characters.

These new faces will be Aaron Paul as Caleb, Vincent Cassel as Serac, Lena Waithe as Ash, Scott Mescudi as Francis, Marshawn Lynch as Giggles, John Gallagher Jr. as Liam, Michael Ealy as Jake, and Tommy Flanagan as Conells.

Here are the writers, directors, titles, and teaser-like synopses for the first four episodes:

“Parce Domine”

If you’re stuck in a loop, try walking in a straight line.
Written by Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan; directed by Jonathan Nolan.

“The Winter Line”

People put up a lot of walls.  Bring a sledgehammer to your life.
Written by Matthew Pitts & Lisa Joy; directed by Richard J. Lewis.

“The Absence of Field”

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t blame the mirror.

Written by Denise Thé; directed by Amanda Marsalis.

“The Mother of Exiles”

The truth doesn’t always set you free.
Written by Jordan Goldberg & Lisa Joy; directed by Paul Cameron.


Since this is Westworld, the episode teasers leave much to speculate about and fans will probably be spending the next few months theorizing on what is going on in the show as certain chaotic hosts decide to wreak havoc on the real world.

Westworld season three will premiere on March 15 on HBO.

Check out the trailer and new images below:

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