Hillary Clinton Documentary Premieres on Hulu

Hillary Clinton DocumentaryHulu is releasing its four-part docuseries on the life and legacy of Hillary Clinton on March 6.

The special documentary is directed by filmmaker Nanette Burstein, who had to go through thousands of hours of raw footage for this project. The four episodes are less about the momentous 2016 presidential campaign and more about Hillary Clinton’s overall journey in political and public life. It is a comprehensive look at this divisive figure’s life, career, and ongoing legacy.

In an interview with Refinery29, Burstein discusses the project in detail and also talks about some of the misconceptions about Mrs. Clinton, saying:

“There’s so many ideas about her, some of which I shared. For example, that she’s this centrist — most people don’t realize how progressive she was and she is, but she’s also learned how to work in Congress. So that’s probably mitigated some of her earlier approaches. I truly had final cut on this and I could have done a hatchet job if I felt that that was the honest truth. But I really went through tons of research and reading and studying. A lot of mythology is debunked because there wasn’t anything to find. Sometimes the optics are bad, and I try to point that out in the film. She has a self righteous streak. But I think a lot of people think she’s a lot more corrupt than she really is. I don’t think she’s corrupt.”

Here is the official synopsis of the documentary:

“A remarkably intimate portrait of a public woman, Hillary interweaves revealing moments from never-before-seen 2016 campaign footage with biographical chapters of her life.  Featuring exclusive interviews with Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, friends and journalists, the series examines how she became at once one of the most admired and vilified women in the world.”

Don’t miss Hillary on March 6 on Hulu.

Check out the trailer below: