REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S10 Ep10 – Stalker

The Walking Dead, S10 Ep10 - Stalker

This week’s chapter of The Walking Dead was a high-octane albeit low-stakes episode with Daryl facing off against Alpha, Beta wreaking havoc in Alexandria, and Gamma proving her new allegiance. Since it’s too early in the season for a significant confrontation or any major deaths, this was an opportunity to showcase some thrilling and violent action scenes as well as to give some supporting characters a chance to shine.

The Walking Dead, S10 Ep10 - StalkerRosita and Gabriel were given the spotlight this time and they were able to prove how competent and reliable they could both be in a time of crisis. Rosita might still have nightmares of the Whisperers coming to take her child but she’s still a fierce fighter. Gabriel too has come a long way and though he has become quite ruthless these days, he still makes sound judgments like not killing Gamma even when she seemed most guilty. And though their romantic relationship has always seemed a bit contrived, in this episode, they actually seemed to work well as partners. 

The Walking Dead, S10 Ep10 - StalkerGamma also came into her own in this episode, risking her life to prove that she had truly abandoned the Whisperers and spending time in a cell in Alexandria. We learn a bit more about her and it really makes a difference to see a character without her icky walker mask. When Beta infiltrates the camp, Gamma effectively tries to help the children and even manages to save Rosita’s life, earning the latter’s trust, which is no mean feat. 

But if there was any surer sign of her redemption, it was Judith chatting her early in the episode. If even Negan can get redeemed by Judith’s friendship, then Gamma is certainly on her way to the side of The Walking Dead heroes.

The Walking Dead, S10 Ep10 - StalkerDaryl continued his rampage against the Whisperers and he came face-to-face with Alpha herself in this episode. There was never any doubt that both of them would survive this fight because they are still integral parts of The Walking Dead at this point. But despite the low stakes, it was still tense and exciting to watch them both go at each other so relentlessly. And both of them sustained some pretty serious injuries as well, proof that even the strongest characters are still not invincible. 

Their connection to Lydia was also explored and when the latter first appeared to Alpha, it seemed like she was just a hallucination. But it turns out she really was there and she was even able to rescue Daryl, one of the few people who still believed in her. Lydia’s tearful conversation with her mother, vision or not, was still a powerful moment. As crazy as Alpha is as a character, Samantha Morton’s mesmerizing performance saves her from becoming a ridiculous caricature. The Walking Dead casting department really has an eye for choosing talented British actors to play not just the leads (Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James) but also the villains like David Morrissey as the Governor.

With the dust settling and characters regrouping, the next few episodes will most likely be proper setting up for the huge battle ahead. Alpha’s passionate declaration of “We are the end of the world” emphasized her renewed determination to destroy her enemies.