WATCH: New Westworld Season 3 Trailer

Westworld s3 posterA new teaser for the upcoming season of Westworld shows the main characters on their missions in the real world.

Two years ago, the second season of Westworld concluded with several of the main hosts leaving the park and making their way into the real world with sinister schemes in store. Given how convincing these hosts have been impersonating real people, it will not be too much of a stretch for them to blend in with the real humans.

This short clip features some main players of the show such as Dolores (played by Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard (played by Jeffrey Wright). Dolores looks to be enlisting the help of a new character played by Aaron Paul to take someone down who has seemingly taken their future. Another new character played by Vincent Cassel has seemingly recruited Maeve (played by Thandie Newton) to track down and kill Dolores. That will surely be an epic confrontation, especially since we see Maeve with a samurai sword.

Dolores whispers to William (played by Ed Harris): “Welcome to the end of the game.”

As reported on Collider, there is a new musical cover featured in this teaser. Composer Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones) has put together a wonderfully intriguing version of “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N’ Roses that plays through the clip. We see Maeve and Hector (played by Rodrigo Santoro) running through Nazi Germany. There is also a glimpse of Charlotte (played by Tessa Thompson) whose role remains a mystery.

“Five of us,” she says, “Against an entire world of them.”

“It’ll be enough,” Dolores reassures her.

William realizes his purpose is to save the world. Bernard declares that the plan is starting. Dolores also decides to kill everyone, as is her usual way with things. There will be more robots, chaos, and carnage this season and we are sure to be hooked on Westworld yet again.

Westworld season three will premiere on March 15 on HBO.

Check out the trailer below:

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