TCA’s 2020: ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ Will Tug At Your Heartstrings & Tickle Your Funny Bones

Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Credit: Freeform

Having seen the first few episodes of Freeform’s latest comedy series, Everything’s Gonna Be OkayI can assure you that this series is one not to be missed! But don’t take my word for it; the cast and creator, Josh Thomas, were present at Freeform’s TCA Winter Press Tour to discuss the making and inspiration of the show and what we can expect from it.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay comes from a place of love, and honestly plain curiosity, as show creator, producer, and actor Josh Thomas explained:

“I wanted a show with autism at the center, because I was really interested in it. Honestly because I knew so little about it and I thought this is crazy that I’m so dumb about this. What happened was I watched a documentary called “Autism in Love.”  And I read the title and I thought, wait, can people with autism feel love?  And two minutes later, I was like, “That’s the stupidest question.  You’re an idiot.  Why did you think that?”  And the fact that I was so dumb was, like, interesting to me and then I just spent months and months researching and learning about it.  And I wanted it to be,like, a central focus of a show.”

Speaking of the show’s representation of autism, what I really admire about the show is that every actor that is portraying someone on the autistic spectrum, has autism themselves. Take one of the lead actors in the show, Kayla Cromer, who plays Matilda, for example. Since booking the role, she took the opportunity to come out as on the autistic spectrum at last year’s Freeform Summit. “I kept it in for so long, since I was always afraid of being labeled autistic,” Cromer says. “But I came out at the Freeform Summit earlier last year, and I decided I have this role. This is the perfect role to come out with this, because doing the research I’m the first actor, male or female, with autism to be playing an autistic character in a leading role on a TV show.  So this would open up so many doors to actors in the entertainment industry.“

The same can be said for the show’s LGBTQ+ representation with Josh Thomas’ and Adam Faison’s portrayals of Nicholas and Alex as well!

Representation aside, what I think really makes me really admire and immediately fall in love with this show, is for its ability to seem real – whether that be with the issues they’re facing, the characters’ personalities and so on – to being hilarious as hell.

Take Maeve Press’ character, Genevieve, for example. As she’s a teenager, she’s still trying to figure everything out. But she simultaneously also has these parental instincts that definitely make her a match for Nicholas in that department. Press explained her thought process behind Genevieve and her relationship with Nicholas:

“I think Genevieve is the glue of the family.  She really has to keep everyone together and everyone in line.  She kind of takes over whatever father-figure parts that Nicholas doesn’t do, Genevieve kind of takes on. So, I guess we’re both the fathers in the family.”

As mentioned earlier, this writer highly recommends you check this series out. If not for the representation or dark humor elements, at least for the quirky and realness of the characters? And while I don’t want to really compare these two shows since they’re not that alike at all… but if you’re just as sad as I am that Schitt’s Creek is ending this year, maybe Everything’s Gonna Be Okay will fill the comedy show void in your heart once that’s over?

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay airs on Thursday at 8:30/7:30pmc!

Source: Freeform Transcript