Crisis On Infinite Earths: Every Earth in the Arrowverse Multiverse

Earth 99 (Kevin Conroy Batman)

While not an official incarnation of the Dark Knight fans have met, this one is an amalgamation of many different Batman’s from across DC Universe history. This marks Kevin Conroy’s first live-action appearance as Bruce Wayne, after having voiced him for years in Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and The Arkham games. That voice immediately registers as the familiar Batman audiences have known and loved for years.

He wears a metal exoskeleton similar to the Kingdom Come incarnation of the character. The concept of an older more cynical Batman is lifted directly from ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ And the concept of a Batman who kills his foes (even having killed Superman) appears to be a homage to the Ben Affleck incarnation of the character from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, including the line ‘my parent’s taught me the world only makes sense if you force it to.’

Earth 167 (Smallville)

smallvilleEasily the most anticipated part of the crossover was the return of Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Erica Durance as Lois Lane from the hit series, Smallville. Durance has already appeared in the Arrowverse as the mother of Supergirl, but securing Welling was a very big deal (though he did appear on the DC series Lucifer).

Smallville ran on the WB/CW for ten seasons, and at a time was the only real superhero show on television. One could make an argument the Arrowverse wouldn’t exist without Smallville. So it seemed fitting that Smallville would play a part in the biggest DC story in history.

Many fans were hoping with the presence of Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh this would mean three Superman joining the fight and finally see Welling properly suited up. What they got was something a little different yet a little more in line with the character fans knew on Smallville.

When the heroes go to recruit him, it is revealed he gave up his powers to live happily ever after with Lois Lane and start a family. It is a small role and not what fans exactly may have wanted, but it seems appropriate for the character and the story of Smallville. This seems like the proper ending for this incarnation of the Man of Steel, who got to settle down and have a normal life like he always wanted.

Earth 203 (Birds of Prey)

Earth 203 is the home of the short-lived live-action series Birds of Prey. Birds of Prey was a superhero show that ran on the CW’s precursor, the WB, for one season from 2002 to 2003 (hence why it is called 203). It featured the original comics incarnation of Huntress (Ashley Scott) as the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. The show also featured Barbra Gordon as Oracle (Diana Myer) and both characters appear in the crossover watching their Earth get destroyed in the Anti-Mater wave.

What is interesting is Birds of Prey also featured Rachel Skarsten as Diana Lance (Black Canary). Skarsten currently stars in Batwoman as Alice, yet she did not reprise her previous role in the crossover like Brandon Routh did for Superman.

Earth 666 (Lucifer)

Lucifer ran on Fox till moving to Netflix but is adapted from a Vertigo comic book (a former subsidiary of DC Comics), so having him appear on the show is a big deal as far as contractual negotiations between different broadcasters go. The presence of Lucifer in Crisis was spoiled by the tabloids, yet actor Tom Ellis did try to downplay the rumor, outright denying it hoping to preserve the surprise for fans. The timeline also shows that this moment in the crossover happens two years before the start of his series.

Lucifer appears to have a history with Constantine, implying Constantine has traveled to other Earths before or even more likely, that much like his comic book counterpart, Lucifer can jump across the multiverse and exist as the main incarnation of Lucifer across all Earths in the Multiverse.

It was a fun cameo and one can only hope this means when Lucifer ends on Netflix we will see Tom Ellis show up as the character on Legends of Tomorrow (or the upcoming Sandman series for Netflix).


Easily the biggest surprise of the crossover was the appearance of Ezra Miller as the Flash in the fourth episode of the crossover. The meeting of the two Flashes was a dream of fans but something they thought they would never see, given the nature of how DC likes to keep the film and television adaptations separate. This makes the events of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, Shazam and the upcoming Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 1984 and many more part of the Arrowverse by existence in the multiverse, and that the television shows all exist theoretically within the multiverse of the film. With the upcoming Flash film being a type of Flashpoint-type story, there is a chance audiences could see Grant Gustin cameo in that film.

Two interesting things to note. While all the Earths were destroyed in the Crisis, the fact that the DCEU version of The Flash is still able to talk to Barry and has no knowledge of the Crisis means that the DCEU somehow was not affected by the Anti-Monitor (CW Barry Allen even acknowledges this shouldn’t be possible since all the Multiverse was destroyed). The other is that the DCEU version of The Flash didn’t respond to the name ‘the Flash’ until CW Barry said it. It appears this is where the DCEU version gets the codename. Upon rewatching it is true that Barry Allen in Justice League is never called the Flash.

Now was a lot of universes. Yet still some Earth’s were left unaccounted for. No reference to Lois and Clark, the Nolan Batman universe, the 2006 Aquaman pilot, and a few more. But it stands to reason those also exist within the multiverse.

What did you think of Crisis? Where you happy to see all these franchises brought together? What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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