WATCH – Star Wars: The Clone Wars Final Season Trailer

Disney has dropped a trailer for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, airing on Disney+ on February 21, 2020. Watch the first trailer here.

Fans have been waiting for the final season of The Clone Wars since it was announced at Star Wars Celebration last year, as this season is promised to wrap up The Clone Wars storyline and properly lead into Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an interesting artifact in Star Wars history. It was created by Lucasfilm and was released after it appeared Star Wars was over. The ‘final’ film, Revenge of the Sith, had come out three years prior and there were no new films even rumored to be in development. It appeared Star Wars was no longer going to be a major pop culture thing but would be something that still existed going on in the background. The series was the first start of this new planned phase from Lucasfilm. It was set to premiere on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2008. They decided to release a set of episodes as a movie titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars and was the first for Star Wars in many ways. It was the first animated Star Wars film released, first non-episode films released theatrically, first Star Wars movie not to open in May, first Star Wars not to open to number 1 at the box office, and the first one not released by 20th Century Fox (since it was Cartoon Network it was Warner Bros. that handled the distribution). At the time of its release, it was critically reviled and hated by Star Wars fans. Particularly new elements like Ahsoka, Anakin’s previously unheard of apprentice, were despised. Yet over time as The Clone Wars ran and the series storylines went from more episodic to serialized stories with connected plotlines, it became a fan favorite. Ahsoka started to gain a passionate fanbase after years of hate (perspective is a lesson Star Wars fans need to take into account).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ cancellation was a casualty of Lucasfilm’s purchase by the Walt Disney Company. Disney wasn’t going to keep producing a show that was broadcast on its competitor in kids television like Cartoon Network, so the final episode aired on Cartoon Network on March 2nd, 2013, five months after Disney’s purchase. This was done to make way for a new Star Wars television show, Star Wars: Rebels, which would air on Disney XD starting in 2014 (the first piece of new Star Wars media under the Disney purchase) and Rebels would carry over characters and concepts from The Clone Wars to feel like one giant continuation as part of the story. Yet the creators still had so much planned. Thirteen finished episodes were released onto Netflix called “Season 6: The Lost Missions,” which dealt with bridging the gap between unresolved storylines left hanging from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Other stories that were not finished but developed were released as novels (Darth Maul: Son of Dathameter and Dark Disciple, which wrapped up Asajji Ventress’ story), along with two story arcs that were released in unfinished animated forms to fans online.

‘We Are Keepers of the Peace, Not Soldiers’

Asoka’s line in the trailer is a direct callback to Mace Windu’s line in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It goes to show how the Jedi have fallen from their original viewpoint – all in the name of fighting for democracy – not realizing they are being used as pawns in a war no one is ever meant to win. Unlike others who have left the Jedi Order, Asoka hasn’t fallen to the dark side. She just sees that the Jedi have lost their way and must find a new form of balance in the force.

‘I Sense A Plot To Destroy the Jedi’

Mace Windu’s line and Yoda’s direct follow up, “great care we must take,” is a line directly lifted from Revenge of the Sith. The fact that this scene takes place over holograms and a scene later where Anakin is communicating with Padme, who is wearing the exact same outfit she wears when she confronts him on Mustafar, indicates that The Clone Wars will not just be leading right into the events before Revenge of the Sith but will be happening congruently with it. Meaning we could see Asoka’s perspective on Order 66, and what exactly happened to Commander Rex (it is never stated if Rex took part in Order 66, only that he eventually fought against his programming).

The trailer even shows an angry Anakin Skywalker, so we may be seeing new angles and perspectives from Revenge of the Sith take place.

Is That Kanan?

Eagle eyed viewers will spot in the hologram table two Jedi, a woman, and a young boy. The woman appears to be Depa Billaba (a small non-voiced character in the prequels who was present at the ending awards ceremony on Naboo). If that is her, that means the young boy is probably her apprentice, Caleb Dune, or as fans know him: Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars: Rebels.

Kanan is one of the survivors of Order 66, so it would be a fun easter egg to see him and his master here as a nice connective tie between the two series. We may even see his origin story and Caleb Dune’s death during Order 66 in an episode.

Siege of Mandalore

This season will explore the Siege of Mandalore, which is one of the final battles in the Clone Wars. Fans have seen Mandalore before in various episodes of The Clone Wars but this is the first time it will be actually part of the main Clone Wars. It mainly has been the site of a proxy war between the Jedi and a Mandalorian cult called Death Watch, with Maul (who has dropped the Darth) taking part in it. There is a small chance we may see a young Din Djarin, or more popularly know as the Mandalorian, the title character in the live-action Star Wars series. While he wasn’t born on Mandalore, we know sometime during the Clone Wars he was taken and raised by the Mandalorian people, most likely on the planet. Also, there is a good chance we may see a younger Republic Officer version of Moff Gideon, as it is shown he has a history with the Mandalorians and why they were wiped out.

It appears this will also be the site of a climactic lightsaber battle between Asoka and Maul, who will later come face to face years from now in Star Wars: Rebels.

Return of Maul

Darth Maul’s fate has been up in the air ever since The Clone Wars ended its original run. Last we saw him his former master, Darth Sidious, confronted him and was torturing him. He said he had plans for him. He was then seen having escaped in Star Wars: Rebels living as a hermit on an ancient Sith world trying to destroy the Sith (as he was betrayed by them) and eventually became a sort of dark master to Ezra. His story ends with a confrontation with an older Obi-Wan on Tatooine where Maul dies in combat with Kenobi, but in a more bitter, peaceful ending between the two. Fans also got to see Darth Maul as the shadowy figure in charge of the criminal organization, Crimson Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story (people who only watch the movies sure must have been confused).

It appears we will get some resolution and hints of what happened to Maul between The Clone Wars and Solo, as well as what will lead him to his path in Rebels. One question is how much of Sidious’ plan does Darth Maul know. As his first apprentice during the Battle of Naboo, where the plan started to take place, was Maul privy to the endgame? Is Maul now trying to amass power to fight and survive in this world of the Empire? This monologue about the plan and knowledge of how the Republic and Jedi will fall seems to hint that the character knows more than we were originally led to believe.

Clones Question Their Place

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has done an excellent job fleshing out the clone cadets as characters, giving many of them their own unique personalities that make them more than just carbon copies of Jango Fett. This also makes for their eventual betrayal in Revenge of the Sith that much more heartbreaking. Here, Captain Rex is left questioning the clones’ existence as they hate the war, but also this is why they exist in the first place. This deep complex thoughtful question is what has taken Star Wars: The Clone Wars from being just another kids spin-off into a vital and beloved part of the Star Wars mythology.

We all finally get some context for those new Clone Trooper helmets that were hinted at last year at Star Wars Celebration. It appears this orange and blue paint job on the helmet is done in honor of Ahsoka Tano, and this is a squad of Troopers who have chosen to join her on a mission.

Witness the End

The trailer for the final season of The Clone Wars is cut in a similar manner to the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This is another case of Star Wars ‘ending’ after it already ended. The big booming music and the bold flying font with each cut are to remind the audience this is the end. And to an extent this is true. Between this and Rise of Skywalker, this does mark a certain end for a chapter of Star Wars. These marks the end of the Clone Wars, the Rebellion, and the Skywalker Saga all wrapped up. Star Wars‘ future is now uncertain, and that it is exciting. The franchise is on a bold new path moving forward.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season drops on February 21st, 2020 on Disney+. Let us know what you think of the trailer. Are you excited for this final season? What has been your favorite Clone Wars moment? Think there will be any tie-ins to Star Wars Rebels, The Mandalorian, or the sequel trilogy? Let us know in the comments below.