WATCH: Full “Into the Unknown” Sequence Video from Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’


If you are still avoiding Frozen 2 spoilers, PLEASE do not watch this video. If you don’t care about spoilers, feel free to proceed further. This isn’t a music video of the song. The scene is pulled directly from the movie.

One of the most critical parts of any Frozen movie is the music, and we’re glad that co-songwriters and lyricists Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez have returned for the sequel. One of the biggest hits from the soundtrack is the original version of “Into the Unknown” performed by Idina Menzel and AURORA. It’s this year’s “Let It Go” and we’re sure you’ve probably heard it many times by now.

In the scene, Elsa wakes up at 3 am when she starts hearing the voice call her again. She turns around to check on Anna and then proceeds to see where the voice might be coming from. There is a ton of magic featured in this scene, and it’s the song that gets Elsa going on her journey to find out more about the world beyond Arendelle’s borders. The journey would ultimately take them to the Enchanted Forest.

When Bobby and Kristen were writing the song, they used inspiration from their research trips to the Scandinavian region. One of the things they incorporated was kulning. Kulning is an ancient Swedish herding call. Here’s an example performed by YouTuber Jonna Jinton. Can you hear the similarities?

“Into the Unknown” has a run time of 3 minutes and 15 seconds and was orchestrated by Dave Metzger. It has also been covered by Panic! At The Disco for the movie’s end credits.

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